Thursday, November 8, 2007

The War that is Climate Change

As fans of Mitchieville are aware, the annual Weblog Awards are in their final day of voting. The race is in the Best Science Blog category where the voting and the plotting is hectic and vicious. Climate Audit is a blog hosted by Steve McIntyre who is the cat who was instrumental in debunking the science behind the hockey stick climate graph. He generally focuses on the underlying statistical analysis of climate science and debunks a great deal of it. What has this to do with the Weblog Awards? A couple of the nominees who are true believers... or are read by true believers... have essentially pulled out the "anybody but Climate Audit" strategy to stop a Climate Audit win. This has lead the Junk Science blog to throw its support behind Climate Audit to counter this political move by the chicken little science blogs. So when you head over to cast a vote for Mitchieville, think about throwing a vote towards Climate Audit in the Science Blog category and piss of the doomsayers.


eng said...

Science is now decided by popular vote?

Where do I vote to devolve the law of gravity to municipalities? They could fix that sinkhole in no time at all!

Little Tobacco said...

My point is that science is not decided by popular vote. The voting has become about as political as can be. I don't have a dog in the fight, and I'm pretty sure that McIntyre and I do not share the same politics, but if it pisses off those who have politicized the debate then I know which way I'm voting.

eng said...

Fair enough. The whole idea of voting for blogs is retarded anyway. Get the "micro charging" environment working online, then charge per view.

Then look at paid circulation figures just like the real media do.

NIAC said...

Not $30, not $40, not $50, not $60, not $70 or $80...not even $90...but you will save $100 if you buy....

That, to me, is what all the pseudoenvironmentalists sound like. Just tell everyone there is $100 off the price.

Yes, An Inconvenient Truth has some truth to it...but don't sell environmentalism. Have you seen a well-respected whore? How about a well-respected used-car salesman? There is something that turns people off about that high-pressure, gotta-have-it bull.

Yes, it would be fan-damn-tastic to reduce emissions, become clean-energy users, save some wildlife and ecological wonders...but just don't sensationalize it. It cheapens the cause and undermines the real science.

The better the package, the worse the product, IMHO.

Elaine said...

You boys are worried about nothing. They had to get nuclear energy out there and accepted didn't they?

The glowtards can be moulded, and used. The only difference between them,and most other people, is that they don't bathe and they eat leaves.

Nuclear is the stopper for the the theoretcal global warming hysteria.

Proven to be a clean energy.

How are the glowtards going to go against that, without making them look like unreasonable nutbars?

NIAC said...


Nuclear energy is clean and safe. Buses are sometimes clean and most of the time safe. Until you get irradiated or run over by either in an accident.

When you are done with the fission fuel, or the bus...that is when people complain. Where does the garbage go? I mean, if it is up to Toronto, it'll be just south of the 401 on Wellington.