Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unity, diversity and teddy bears

Exhibit A: A teddy bear named Mohammed:

A British primary school teacher has been arrested in Sudan, accused of insulting Islam's Prophet by letting her class of 7-year-olds name a teddy bear Mohammed, her school said on Monday.

Police arrested Gillian Gibbons, 54 of Liverpool, on Sunday at her home inside the Unity High School premises after a number of parents complained to Sudan's Ministry of Education, said Unity director Robert Boulos.

The country's state-controlled Sudanese Media Centre reported late Sunday that Gibbons had been accused of "insulting the Prophet Mohammad." It said charges were being prepared "under article 125 of the criminal law" which covers insults against faith and religion.

[..]If convicted, Gibbons could be sentenced to 40 lashes, six months in prison or a fine, said Ghazi Suleiman, the head of the Sudan Human Rights Group.

[..] Gibbons, who joined Unity in August, asked a girl to bring in her teddy bear to help the Year 2 class focus, said Boulos.

The teacher then asked the class to name the toy. "They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Mohammed. Then she explained what it meant to vote and asked them to choose the name." Twenty out of the 23 children chose Mohammed.
Unfortunately for Ms. Gibbons, her demonstration on what it means to vote in Sudan was more effective than she would have hoped. On the bright side, at least Ms. Gibbons was not a rape victim in Saudi Arabia.

cp: The Broom

Update: Gibbons is to spend 15 days in a crowded, disease infested Sudan jail. After serving her time, she will be deported. It's a hard lesson to learn, but hopefully in future Gibbons will do some research before accepting job offers in foreign countries.


Elaine said...

Fatwa central must being going out of their minds on deciding if they should call for the killing of the children involved, or just beat them silly.

What a barbaric backward reiligion islam is.

I can see everyone here, in retaliation, naming their pets mohammed.

NIAC said...

Elaine, you would probably be beheaded for spelling Mohammed with a small "m".

I would not go so far as to label Islam: I know enough RR's who are "Christians" that are just as moronic. Idiots exist regardless of their geography, religion, pigmentation, affluence or intelligence.

Beating someone for naming a Teddy Bear is a bit much, but so is doing jail time for burning a flag.

The rape victim, though, I am still a little dumbfounded by that one. What do they cut off when you are stolen FROM?

Elaine said...

Niac, not a doubt in my mind, that all religions are a weapon used to control the unwashed stupid masses, but islam takes the prize when it comes to barbaric cultural norms. At least in other reiligions you can speak up against their whached out teachings. Not the muslims, unless they want a fatwa called out on them.

You can't compare the civilized world's idiosyncrasies on meting out punishment for a religious faux paus, to that of the muslim ME. Every other religion has evolved somewhat to something that you can at least tolerate. I can't think of another modern day religon that is as disgusting, destructive, or as evil as islam. Can you?

Islam needs to be labelled. Why everyone is pretending it is this innocent little death cult is not logical.

eng said...

Islam is no different than other faiths. It has its crazies too.

Count time from Muhammad, it is now about the year 1422. In that year in our calendar, what was Christendom up to?

In 1422, Christianity was enjoying its Inquisition and other pleasantries, complete with beheadings, whippings for "unchaste" women, and burnings at the stake for political opponents and of course for women who wouldn't fuck the clergy.

They will outgrow it. We just need to keep the crazies from having control. Both Muslim crazies and our own.

Elaine said...

So eng, you think another 300 years or so will do it for barbaric islam?

That is a whack of terrorism,oppression,beheadings, whippings, suicide bombings and general whacked out of their fucking minds to contend with.

It amazes me that the muslim religion never evoled. You would think there was a bright man or two of the muslim faith that looked at it, and wanted to puke. Of course islam doesn't fuck around, they just send hitmen out after you if you speak up against it. They got their own little fatwa mafia going on worldwide.

I didn't include women in that statement, just because they are considered non-persons in the muslim faith.

Elaine said...

...and eng, we're not talking about a handful of muslim jihadists. We're talking whole countries, that would like to see the Jews, and all us infidels dead.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

I would not go so far as to label Islam:

Tell that to the gain rainbow society in "any" Islamic country.

I should have named my dog mohammed. with a little m

Fatwah this,

Elaine said...

On a more somber note.

The children on the London commie site are holding a funeral tomorrow for mother earth.


If there is hope for the future, and work to be done, then it is best that we get our mourning done now. So please, come out tomorrow (Thursday November 29th) at 11:00 AM on UWO's concrete beach to pay your respects, and listen to stories from those who were close to the deceased.-London commie site

I suggest all you children dress warm. Put on your long underwear, hats, mitts and zip up those expensive coats, made by child labourers, your parents bought you.

I feel compelled to write an euology in the form of a poem for the old dame.

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
you lay here dead
in we, you trust

we raped your soil
with our manmade toil
took your gold
and left you hollow

we drank you dry
no tears did you cry
except in Jakarta
where sea level is high

oh mother earth heal thyself
feel the sun, work your magic
you are not done

buried you, like a thousand times before
stop smirking now
it is unkind
you will upset their simple mind

ashes to ashes, dust to dust, stop laughing now, you might bust

as in the beginning, as in the end, you will outlive these silly men

Elaine said...

Is it just me, thinking this funeral thingmajig is something you would expect from a grade six student indoctrinated with glowtard crap at school, or have they lowered the standards to accommodate persons missing part of their brain stems entering UWO?

MapMaster said...

As it happens, the mission of universities in Ontario is to remove any or all of those parts of brain stems left remaining after elementary and secondary education has been through them.

Elaine said...


Teddy bear teacher appears in court as Islamic fanatics demand execution

What a bunch barbaric animals. I don't know what a teacher from the civilized world was thinking when she went there. You couldn't teach those people anything, they are savages. With what is happening in the world, it is best to put a moratorium on immigration from those barbaric countries. We don't want that here.

Honey Pot said...

Leave it to those infidel capitalist to make money, and kick islam in the nuts at the same time.


They are selling mohammed teddy bears on e-bay, just in time for xmas. They are selling like fafal's at a public stoning.

NIAC said...

Don't you really wonder if it isn't someone on the inside making money?

I mean, people are smoking out of hooka's on the street in London in the summer...although, they say it is "flavoured tobacco". Uh-huh. Militant flavoured.

Elaine said...

Where are our so-called Canadian feminist on the issue of the execution for the teddy bear sin/ lashings and jail term of the stupid muslim girl who went and got herself gang-raped?

Here they are, over at babble, the home of our self absorbed selfish feminazis.
Babbler # 7961
posted 28 November 2007 05:56 PM
British Teacher charged for naming teddy bear after Prophet
I am troubled by this case but at the same time am trying to balance the issues. Its a real challenge to western understanding and maybe lack thereof. Nionetheless this whole matter does seem extreme

yeah, those feminazi's are balancing the issues trying to decide if there is something wrong with executing someone for naming a teddy bear mohammed.

Meanwhile some stupid Canadian guy in the work cafateria told one of them she looked nice in that dress, and they want to call him before a star chamber and have his dick got off.

Margaret said...

I really have to say that the racism on here is just awe inspiring. Elaine, I suggest you go out and educate yourself before believing everything that is on the US media about Islam. I would also suggest you read "No God but God," it would be very enlightening to such a darkened mind as your own. You obviously have NO education on religion or Islam, so I really don't think you should be mouthing off on here about a subject you know nothing about. Women, in fact, have a VERY important role in Islam and are very highly respected in the Quran. It is the crazy people who claim to be Muslim that are doing all of these stupid things, not the true Muslims. Muslims around the world are appalled by what is happening in Sudan. However, what you and many others here must understand is that this whole issue has very little to do with Islam, and has everything to do with politics and the games that Sudan has been playing for years. This, of course, includes Darfur. As for evolving, you would think Christianity and Christians would evolve too, but apparently from your own writing that hasn't happened, since you're so willing to judge others (which is strictly prohibited in the bible) and remain ignorant. What is it the bible says again? "Let he without sin cast the first stone." Guess what, honey, Christianity is NOT without sin. And also about that evolving thing, you would think Christianity would have evolved in the last 2007 years and yet we still have people being killed for being a "witch", and people that have shops that sell herbs and crystals still have their businesses burned to the ground while the police stand by and watch it all happen (because the owner was suspected of being a "witch") and we still have people like the KKK *who are Christian the same way the Taliban are Muslim* and we have had people like Hitler who claim to be Christian too and found amazingly effective ways of killing people. In the scheme of things and religious development 69 years wasn't that long ago. However the "witch" examples have all happened in the last 5 years. About the "barbaric cultural norms" you mentioned, is stoning not barbaric? Is owning slaves and treating them as property not barbaric? Then again, you also have burning bulls as a sacrifice Lev.1:9., selling your daughter into slavery Exodus 21:7. If someone works on the Sabbath you have to have them put to death Exodus 35:2, the eating of shellfish is an abomination Lev 11:10, one may not approach the alter of God if they have a defect of sight Lev 21:20, Men trimming hair around their temples is forbidden by Lev 19:27 but the jury is still out on the punishment. Planting two different crops in the same field or wearing garments of two different kinds of thread is punishable by stoning (to the death of course) and people who sleep with their in-laws are supposed to be burnt to death Lev 20:14. These don't exactly sound like fair and just laws to me, or does Christianity get a special "pass" when it comes to barbaric cultural norms? Mind you, I would think the word "cultural" would stand out to most people since "culture" does not mean the same as "religion." Therefore, many things that are followed by those in the Middle East and elsewhere are actually cultural and NOT religious. So blame the culture and not the religion. I would like to make one last note about the misguided comments by especially Elaine. You've mentioned Fatwa but I have the strong belief that you don't know what you're talking about because "Quranic" law is actually Sharia law which has nothing to do with the Quran therefore nothing to do with the basis of the religion of Islam. Fatwa on the other hand means "A legal declaration made by a qualified Muslim jurist," therefore it can neither decide ..."if they should call for the killing of the children involved, or just beat them silly." nor can there be a "Fatwa central" or have "...their own little fatwa mafia going on worldwide." What did you do learn one word you figured was connected to Islam and use it without knowing the meaning? Sharia law was written down by Imams (Muslim priests) years after Mohammed's (pbah) death. Before Mohammed (pbah) died, all matters of the community came before him and he was the judge and jury setting out what should be done on a case to case basis. No one had ever thought to write down judgements or punishments and after the prophet's death it was left to each clan and community. This of course lead to different laws and punishments throughout the Islamic kingdom. After many years of this the Imams (whether true Muslims or not has remained to be seen) came together and wrote up a book of laws they thought God and his prophet would agree with. I don't think God or his prophet would agree simply by looking into matters that include women. The Quran is VERY adamant about the rights of a woman (which indeed she does have many, more then she had been given by the Arab Pagans) whereas Sharia law is much more male dominated and therefore gives more rights to a man in any dispute. I certainly hope I was able to enlighten at least one person about this issue. You call a religion who's name means "Peace" in English a terrorist religion without knowing that one of the many quotes on the subject says "He who kills one man shall be judged as if he had killed all of mankind." Funny that doesn't seem to really scream terrorism to me.

For those of you who are going to assume that I am a Muslim or that I come from an Islamic or Middle Eastern country, I would like to set the record straight. Let me tell you that I was born here in London, my lineage is Canadian back at least 100yrs. I am not Muslim, I was raised a Christian but have converted to Hinduism. However I am VERY passionate about religion and human rights and I find it sickening that this type of blatant racism and religious intolerance continues in a country that is supposed to be a "Cultural mosaic" and is proud of it's differences. Then again, I am not so surprised to see it on a London based website, since I myself have been the victim of racism and religious intolerance here in our fine city by other people of my own race (which is Caucasian).

Mike said...

I care about racism, especially when people come around diluting the important concept by throwing it it without the courtesy of giving an example of what they mean. You have no idea about the London Fog. It is written (Fog 37:4) that "the tear-streaked wolf-crier of racism shall be silent (until he has) read every word (they have) written unto the blog (and) the fullest understanding shall permeate their shrunken souls".

But still, by the religious law that holds sway on the London Fog, no one will read your comment, Margaret. Not paragraphing is haram. You will now turn yourself in to have your left knee and right middle finger amputated, as is clearly written in our London Fog section of the mosaic.

Elaine said...

Margaret, I am not a christian, used to be, but I am ok now.

I am just one of your run-of-the mill heathens.

Margaret I find it sickening that a religious cult, such as islam, would want to kill someone for calling a teddy bear mohammed.

Not only is that fucking nuts, it is nuttier when people like you, raised in a quasi civilized country would think that was ok.

Islam is fucking nuts from i to m. I see no value in it.

MapMaster said...

Islam is equally capable of brutality as Christianity? Infidel!

Personally, I think Islam was designed to appeal to people of low intelligence, which is what makes it easy for some Muslim leaders to incite people to act with little intelligence. It's also what makes Islam appealing to people who wish to act according to their baser intelligence. That doesn't mean that all Muslims are of low intelligence or act unintelligently — people of all sorts of cultures and religions will often adhere to all sorts of beliefs, customs or other idiosyncrasies that are beneath their everyday intelligence without letting them conflict with their rational everyday existence. I like Bugs Bunny cartoons, for example, but I don't hit people over the head with oversized cudgels.

Is this racist? Or is this:

We are properly obliged to recognize the threat of murderous Islamic fascism abroad and at home, but an over-eager disposition on the part of many in North America to ratcheting up the religious qualities of Islamic fascism often takes the character of supposing inherent differences between people beyond cultural normalization by political structures. As the practised antecedents of our resistance to fascism — the defense of individual rights and property and corresponding constitutional limits to collective privilege — are erased and forgotten, inherent cultural advantage is frequently assumed as though it sprang from nowhere in particular. The integration and assimilation of Muslims into Canadian society is regarded with suspicion simply because they are Muslims, as though nihilistic and annihilative propensities were natural to them.

This is a hard position to adopt if one wishes to be consistent as a proponent of freedom or does not wish to relegate to other people a less-than-human status. In fact, large numbers of Muslims already live in Canada and the US without subscribing to the apocalyptic fascism preached in the Middle East, and to the extent that some at least fantasize about ethnic and religious-based privilege it is largely because we subsidize the takings, financially, legally and rhetorically.

Margaret said...

You all seem to have a far higher option of yourselves and your intellect then you really deserve. Again you all go on talking out of your asses without knowing anything. Never did I say it was ok that a bunch of morons are calling for her death. I would love for you to prove me wrong. Secondly ISLAM is NOT calling for her death a bunch of crazy nuts who claim to be Muslim are. Islam like many other religions does not have a central ruler such as the Pope therefore the entire religion can't call for anything. And you apparently missed the key point that I made that this has NOTHING to do with Islam and everything to do with the politics in Sudan, if you can't see that then you really don't deserve much credit for intelligence. As for Islam being written for stupid people, that would be really believable until you start looking at the other two Abrahamic religions which are Christianity and Judaism. Look those two up and tell me they weren't written for dullest knife in the drawer. This is all rather sickening and since none of you can be bothered to enlighten or educate yourselves I refuse to continue with this crap. It's so hard to have a battle of wits with people who have obviously come unarmed.

Elaine said...

Margaret, there is no separation between church and state in the Sudan. Islam is the state, the state is islam.

That is one of the major reasons they are all fucked up, bigtime.


Margaret, it isn't a handful of muslims who were demanding her death for the teddy bear faux pas, it was thousands. Copy and paste this link into your browser. I suggest you read up on islam, and see for yourself how truly oppressive, destructive and dangerous it really is.

Elaine said...


Margaret, this too is islam. mohammed thier prophet was a pedophile, and therefore, it has the blessing of islam.

Do you see any value in this for Mahbakhat?

mariposa said...

From that article:
The women's ministry and women's organizations say about three in five girls in Afghanistan are wed before the legal age of 16.

"This situation is not common but also not rare," Ms. Pakzad said.

It looks to me like the situation is actually quite common (3 in 5 girls)!

And Margaret, just because you disagree with people here you resort to name-calling?
Your words:
I really have to say that the racism on here is just awe inspiring.
...if you can't see that then you really don't deserve much credit for intelligence.
You all seem to have a far higher option of yourselves and your intellect then you really deserve.
It's so hard to have a battle of wits with people who have obviously come unarmed.

You call everyone here a bunch of witless racists, all because they have a different point of view than yours. Grow up. If you can't debate logically, and without name-calling, then you're correct, this isn't the site for you.

mariposa said...

I may be showing my age here, but Margaret reminds me of some very old SNL skits (back when the show was actually funny) with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain.

Their point/counterpoint debates - Jane would start with her point of view and then Dan would start his with:
"Jane, you ignorant slut."

Elaine said...

That is just a left thing, they pull out the racist card, the feminist card, the gay card....they have more cards than hallmark.

It used to have power if one of them pulled out one of the cards, all discussion and debate stopped.

Everyone let them away with it, until some of us realized they were using their cards to oppress freedom of speech and thought. They were using their cards in a facsist way. I didn't like that.

So I made up my own card. I call it the fuck you card. I will think and say what I want.

I think fuck you is just another word for freedom.

Elaine said...

Talking about bears,