Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Tribute to Communism

"In Memory of the Tens of Millions Dead for One Bad Idea."


Elaine said...

That was powerful.

To think that is what the left want for us, makes me want to puke.

Mike said...

Leftists don't want such things any more than you or I.

The problem is with the coercive apparatus that the left needs to implement its various and pragmatically inconsistent visions. To the degree coercion replaces consent, that kind of power is a magnet for sociopaths to exploit the coercive system and the chaos it creates.

Elaine said...

When I see the left snuggling up to Hugo Chavez, and weeping alligator tears at a tamil tigers terrorist funeral, I can come to no other conculusion.

The left have a tendency to lay down with the dogs, and that means they get up with the fleas.

Rush Limbaugh said...

The political right are often either sociopaths or can't enjoy sex because intimacy scares them.

They often rip the wings off butterflies when they have nothing else to do (which is often).

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Brilliant video! Nothing I didn't know but it'll show up at as many places as I can make it.

My wifes family came here from the ukraine.

They always dress their evil up in such nice words,

Elaine the left doesn't care when this is going on right now in places like cuba or under chaves or mugabe all dictators for life. So who does the left call dictator? Bush! Who will be out of office in a year.

They have limited understanding of language thats why they use words incorrectly, cultural revolution, Affirmative action, choice, etc etc,

Genocide is one they never use for their own actions.

Anonymous said...

Elaine said... it, thanks

The leftest cbc checking with China to see if it was ago to show the non-volunteer organ harvest of the Falun Gong prisoners, was enough to send a chill up any thinking Canadian person's back. No doubt the cbc will cut that documentary up to make communism look like it is a way of life we should all embrace.

Anonymous said...

look on youtube under falun gong organ harvesting by Communist China.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

heres a stupid MSM saying how great the commies are.

"Almost every single country where there's a large working class is celebrating this anniversary," he said of the 1917 revolution. "It affected a lot of different things, and that fight against colonialism is remembered right across the world."

A communist hasn't been elected to the Manitoba legislature since 1953 and the Communist Party of Canada -- Manitoba has had little support from voters.

Why wouldn't Manitiobans want to swing from the gallows like that? Or have their skulls piled up to take part in the glorious revolution?

I posted it at free dominion if anyone wants to bump it.