Thursday, November 22, 2007

Three Bites

Hello Mediocracy.

"At the moment people don't take it as seriously as other forms of hate crime. Research suggests that you are four times more likely to be a victim of blogosphere satire if you are a socialist."

And David Kingdom, head of policy at think tank Medos, said it was important to try to "change the culture, to ensure people value each other equally".

"We know a lot of bloggertarian bullying goes on. A report we commissioned showed that nine out of 10 people with leftist beliefs have been fisked," he said. "Anything which makes it more difficult to do that is good."
Nice graphics too:

And pull quotes:
The worst sort of dominant ideology is the kind which portrays itself as not dominant but counter-cultural, like the present one.
Lots of reading to catch up on here. HT David Thompson.


NIAC said...
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NIAC said...

LOL, you know, as an educated individual, who has some worldly wisdom, who is not easily swayed by "facts", I can't tell if that is a serious premise, or simply tongue-in-cheek, but I cannot imagine a law which *requires* complicity with the majority.

That is double-plus ungood.

MapMaster said...

I thought it might have been real, but the last paragraph gives it away:

Asked whether there was a risk of getting a surplus of arbitrary ad hoc laws, each one made up on impulse to target the latest problem, the commentators interviewed all agreed there wasn't. "We just love laws, and we want as many as possible," said Mr Kingdom.

Not that a lot of people wouldn't mean precisely that, but no one would be stupid enough to say it out loud.

Richard said...

Heads I win, tails you lose!

Elaine said...

If the socialist could pull everyone in front of a star chamber, who didn't agree with them, they would.

They fear the internet and the power it brings to knock down their foolish ideaology in an instant.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Well what is a Liberal "today" to them I'm I'm a far right knuckle dragger.

However, when Saint Laurent was in power he had the same policies as me on homosexual marriages, death penalty, balanced budgets, bilingualism, multiculturalism immigration etc etc.

I didn't change they did, and now you get people voting for them because their dad always did. LOL,

Now the MSM's don't want to admit that they are out of touch with the majority.

but they are, I can say it online, but I'm pretty sure the CBC doesn't talk about whether or not Canadians actually want immigration.

56% of Canadians want less Immigration are you part of the majority?

It's like open line radio it's "right wing" because they let real people on.

Elaine said...

I am looking at what is happening in France right now. Yeah, perhaps someone should be taking a look at immigration here.

77 police officers hurt, two critical. Does not anyone in France think it is about time to declare martial law, or are they waiting for a cop or two, perhaps an innocent bystander to die?