Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Take me to the River, Tax me in the Water!

Toronto city council, along with Mayor David Miller, are considering levying a tax on bottled water. This comes in the wake of the new land transfer tax and a vehicle registration surcharge imposed by the city just last month. This new tax was spearheaded by councilor Bill Saundercook who states:

"It's one of my contributions to solving the [financial] problem here at City Hall,"[...]"Unless discussion comes out that it's absolutely crazy to do, then I'd like to pursue it."
Mr. Saundercook 'contribution' to fiscal management lies in raising taxes first and not considering cutting back on his own frivolous spending (eg. docking taxpayers for a digital camera for his [sic] "march break trip to miami").

Who would have though that if you give more tax powers to a socialist-dominated city council that their lust for more taxes would never end? I guess Dalton McGuinty didn't when he gave them. Lets just hope that London never receives the same taxing powers as Toronto.


Elaine said...

Is nothing sacred?

The glowtardians might as well just stand in front of Toronto city hall pants around their ankles, bent over with their bums in the air, and beg for more reaming.

Richard said...

Aw c'mon Elaine, you are being
to nice on them!

Richard said...

I also wanted to add that is crap what Toronto city council is doing. Torontonians should not be punished for better tasting water. That water tastes like it came from the outflow pipe of a turd twirler (aka Sewage Treatment Plant). London's water doesn't exactly have a nice boquet to it either.

NIAC said...

I have to say, Elaine's vinegarette re-dressing is something I look forward to here at The Fog. Don't stop, Elaine...don't stop.

I won't drink city water from a tap. Most government-operated water testing facilities will not test or even honour requests from addresses within municipalities. If you know someone who lives in a rural area, get them to get a test kit, bottle London water, send it in. You'd be surprised.

Well ... no you wouldn't.

Richard said...

That confirmed my worst fears niac!

Another point, people will just go out of the municipality to buy
water. It's just like in Michigan, people go over to Indiana to buy smokes and fireworks.