Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Strangely, virtues are not diverse at all

Landmark London is changing its name and mandate to, as Joe Matyas of the London Free Press puts it, make it more "hip and happening." The London Heritage Council will maintain Landmark London's advisory role to city council in distributing tax-funded grants for heritage purposes but, in keeping with its expanded glam-pop ambitions, heritage purposes will also include multi-cultural outreach. For example:

The London Regional Children's Museum received $15,000 to give children a chance to learn about such diverse cultural celebrations as Christmas, Diwali, Eid and Hannukah.
Christmas is one of diverse cultural celebrations in London now? How quaint of those particular diverse Londoners. Let's have an exhibit to preserve that special little heritage for cultural tourists, then…

Pardon the sarcasm, if you will, but I'm still not quite "hip" to the "happening" meanings of heritage, diversity or culture now that they're no longer supposed to be taken as self-evident.


Elaine said...

It just proves the more insane the scam, the easier it is to receive taxpayer money to waste on it.

Mike said...

Aw, come on, the quaint Christmas tradition was first on the list, after all. Be happy your heritage community still hangs on to that vestige of privilege.

It was a fuckin' alphabetized list, so still, Christmas comes first, at least until we open our hearts and teach the children to celebrate the equally valid and important festival of Ashoura.

NIAC said...

What is this "Christmas" of which you speak?

I believe in diversity, but heritage is also important. Although the word "tolerance" itself is as acidic to me as "affirmative action", the idea of tolerance is something I believe in ... HOWEVER ... in what way should someone classify "Heritage Society" that preserves something that isn't part of one's heritage. It is not unlike the idea of creating a movie, right now, and marketing it as "classic" or "epic". Orwell was right in the idea of dumbing down the population so that there were fewer words, because misuse of English is overwhelming.

I am NOT a religious person, so being "able" to say Merry Christmas isn't some religious issue with me, however, I do reserve the priviledge of being able to say "Merry Christmas" or "Go Fuck Yourself" equally.

Tolerance is actually a misnomer. It should probably been "Acceptance", but the prejudiced morons that came up with that probably didn't know they were doing it wrong. I am pretty sure the opposite of tolerant is correct. I guess that makes the opposite of Tolerance would be Politically Correct.

Sorry. I have a knee-jerk reaction sometimes.

Mike said...

If they really wanted the hip and happening vibe, then for $100,000 in consulting fees I could have told them to rename the stodgy, boring old "London Heritage Council" to "The Muthafuckin' Kizzouncil For Old School Zhit From Back In The Day".

When outreach to our most vulnerable is not our highest priority, then something other than our most vulnerable is the highest priority. What does that say about our priorities as prioritizers?

Elaine said...

You got a point there.

Shouldn't we be celebrating gang-bang the ho day, or having parades and celebrating suicide bomber make me a martyr day. How about intifada month, celebrated yearly in France, where the youth, of top secret ethnic orgin, get to burn cars to assauge their rage?

London heritage consultants are so far behind the times.

NIAC said...


M to th' I to th' K to tha E, fo'shizzle.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

I'm putting a long post on my blog tomorrow morning about intolerance and hate month. Because I'm reading 1984 again NIAC, it just seemed to dovetail with what socialists already do.

80% of canadians are christian so they neet to pay taxes for diversity heritage right.

Imagine what they would say about any Christian reacting to anything diverse the way they do to anything Christian.

Since it's Dec 01 isn't that when the hate and intolerance of socialists really comes out?

I've never known someone so offended with our national holiday that they offered to work it at a normal payrate.

the real meaning of Christmas