Monday, November 26, 2007

Signify the significant!

A three percentage point gap in the representation of visible minorities in city staff and the overall population… someone would have to be looking very hard and purposefully to even find such a niggling disparity. Of course, there is always someone looking for it, and as imperceptible as the statistic might be to the lives of Londoners, it's quite enough to produce institutionalized hand-wringing, sympathetic media coverage, and bureaucratic reports.

Such a lot of ineffectual investment in paper, energy and taxes… why won't they come out and admit to the only real remedy to their racist problem: racist quotas. Given that there is already no apparent standard of talent or ability required, Londoners should hardly notice the difference if skin colour is used as city hall's basis for hiring.

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18 out of 19 London politicians prefer preferential treatment… Well, what's not to prefer about that?


Jake said...

Harold Usher claims that the city isn't doing a good enough job to reach different ethnic groups for job postings. What is the difficulty in going to the link entitled 'employment opportunities' on the city hall website? Does he think minorities are not smart enough to use a computer? Usher is using this as a trick to get 'affirmative action' hiring policies.

A 3% differentiation in racial makeup of city hall staff compared to the population is actually fairly good for a city of London's size--in fact, it's on par with many private sector corporations. How this is an urgent issue is ridiculous.

Elaine said...

That is just so 80's. I think I will go down and apply for a job operating a backhoe. I haven't a clue how to work one, but I am a female, and I have not observed any female backhoe operators. Does anyone know if gender trumps skin color in city hall hiring quotas?

NIAC said...

CHRC would put ME in jail for 5 years if I comment on this thread.

Fenris Badwulf said...

Well, convicted killer Junior Johnston might be getting out of jail soon. He will need a job opportunity, and fits several slots of diversity, being both a jobless felon and a minority.

And, he has no criminal record in London, as all his murder was committed in Toronto. He would make an excellent poster boy for this program.

Elaine said...

Different subject, but one that has amazed and shocked me.

Residents say city-owned housing complex is den of violence, drugs-lfp

And Monday, shots again rang out in the city-owned London Middlesex Housing Corporation (LMHC) complex on Huron Street shortly after 7 p.m., a time when young children would usually be outside playing. -lfp

�I grew up in Toronto and I�ve witnessed a lot worse than this. This is nothing,� said a twentysomething mother watching police. -lfp

well, well, well...the Toronto ghetto's must be running out of room at the inn. A critic in every ghetto it seems. How dare she say our ghettos are not as ghettoy as the Toronto ghettos.

I think with a little work, and open immigration, our ghettos could become just as disgusting and violent as the ones in Toronto.

I am just glad they are immigrating from the Toronto ghettos to our London ghettos to teach our young kids a thing or two about being a real gansta.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

One of the things "they" don't say is that if you are a minority and don't identify you don't count.

Besides if too few are getting hired we need to start bringing in better ones. Maybe cutting back the number of immigrants like most Canadians want.

And who cares what the numbers are? They are comming to the country to make us rich how giving them all the high paying government jobs does that I do not know.

Course socialists understand that taking jobs from whites who deserve them is "Enriching",....