Saturday, November 3, 2007

Prioritizing the Population

In today's Free Press online poll, the question asks what Londoners think is more important: maintaining basic civic infrastructure or building another white elephant, elitist facility for the Downtown. In light of the major road collapse this week, it's both hilarious and troubling to know that 6% of us are still supportive of the latter.

I guess council better search for other capital works initiatives to rally behind. Let's hope this time it is for road, sewers and bridges.

Remember, when Gord Hume whines, another pet project gets it's wings!


Elaine said...

Egads! people are pissed about the downtown sinking.

On a walk about last night, I was getting people's take on it. I found it odd that people just took it for granted that the powers that be, were looking after the best interest of the people of London. That water/sewer, and even safe roads, was a top priority.

When I pointed out the years of neglect by our city council, when it comes to infrastucture, that just seemed to piss them off more.

I wonder how long it will be until the socialist cabal demand another tax payer waste of money stupid project, like hiring an Integrity commissioner.

I am quite sure the citizens of London will call for a public hanging, of the first whining socialist who opens their beak.

The giant hole has changed this city for the better. People will understand how important it is to vote in our municipal elections.

How important it is to put people in those postitions who are looking after the best interest of the citizens.

As business flee the downtown because of lack of business, and the safety factor of their employees, things are going to get real ugly, down at city hall.

mariposa said...

Perhaps the 6% read the question with a different meaning to it.

For example - compare these two:
"In your view, which IS a higher priority for London?"

"In your view, which SHOULD BE a higher priority for London?

Maybe that 6% is simply saying it appears that London (city hall) currently places a greater priority on a performing arts centre - not that they feel it should be that way.

At least the optimist in me hopes that's what they were thinking.

Jake said...
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Jake said...

I think the fact that they only gave two possible choices in the poll speaks for itself. It pure logical. If you vote for PAC as your priority, that means its higher than infrastructure.

The word "priority" in the question and the choice of only two responses eliminates any ambiguity. Plain and simple.

The 6% that voted in favour of PAC place spending for one higher than infrastructure. Now that's scary.

mariposa said...

Hey, if your ears are burning it's because they're talking about us...

very funny...

So, hands up - who here is a "pimply teenage boy who can't get dates" - No? Not me either.

LOL - altlondon and other cannibal culture sites offer lots of comic relief, so I guess they do have a purpose.

Elaine said...

They have to talk about us. Not like they can be bringing up any of their whining socialist projects while the downtown disintegrates under their feet.

They know that London Fog is read by more people in London, with the auidence growing in leaps and bounds.

That other site is just the product of disgruntled ndpers, lefties, who only a handful of people pay attention to. They know their socialist cabal at city hall don't dare open their gobs of late, with the average Joe citizen ready to shove their fist in it.

No one over there gets out of bed before noon, and they miss most of what is happening in the world around them.

They come over here all the time anonymously and say something stupid and get their assed kicked. They are socialist, and I have yet to meet one that was not a cowardly sneak.

You know the type..... all 'cum by yahing' in public to cover up their passsive aggressive personality disorders.

Butch McLarty said...

Congratulations, elaine, you've got all those dastardly pinkos on the run with your awe-inspiring rhetoric.

Excellent work!

Elaine said...

Should we be impressed, that one of them has came out of the closet?

That is a good first step Butch. London fog is a welcoming and witty site, where everyone's opinion is welcome.

They believe in freedom of speech. It is not like alt where any opinion that is not geared to the lefts mantra is deleted.

That makes for boring commentary when group think is so dominant.

Just keep an eye on this site and perhaps you can learn something and you won't feel so desparate as to jump the numbers on the amount of times your articles are read.

The truth will set you free Butch.

mariposa said...

The people on Alt just complain about different "scumbag developers" and other such "evil capitalist pigs".

But they do seem overly concerned with the opinions of people here...thought that was quite amusing!

And for Butch/Barry to respond so quickly, I guess he must be monitoring the site daily.

NIAC said...

Hmm...I just wandered over there.

I have previously been a site admin, and a site moderator, and being unaware of both this site, and that other one until last week...well, I am very disappointed in that other site.

It would seem that here (being London Fog) at least people are respected enough to be able to post, without being deleted by any "Rush" type RR's who do not agree with someone else's opinion. Sanctimony belongs to the e-thugs.

I don't believe everything I read, but when someone makes sure I can't read something...I assume it was, at least to the person censoring it, painfully true.

mariposa said...

Hi niac!

I suppose there's situations where it might be necessary to delete a post - i.e. something like neo-Nazi propaganda or crap like that.

But at Alt if they don't like you or don't agree with you - DELETE & BAN is the name of their game.

Eng and I always disagree about global warming, but I find opposing opinions makes the whole thing more interesting to read.

At Alt, they gripe too just like people do here - but about different things. Over there, it's all about the evil capitalists, whereas here it tends to be the ongoing waste of taxpayers' money by our elected officials (I didn't vote for any of them, and I did vote in the last municipal election).

Now according to Alt, we're all "pimply teenage boys" - I don't know about you niac, but I'm not any of those things and I'm pretty sure Elaine isn't either (LOL). Eng - how about you? Does that description fit?

NIAC said...

Well, I guess I had acne 20-25 years ago, and I am a "boy", however my youngest is now 20 years old, so I don't even have teenagers in the house.

LOL...and not to take sides too early, but when the admin posts as the admin in a site, it is like a pretty woman telling you how pretty she makes me lose any interest I might have had.

I have been in London, btw, since 1987, when I came here to attend school, and never left. I have met, face-to-face Anne-Marie and our former, Dianne. Dianne...let's not talk about Dianne. Anne-Marie was during a glad-handing photo-op ceremony at two companies I have worked for.

I do not "hate" anyone (even the Neo-Nazi's, and their propaganda) but I really, truly do not understand what Anne-Marie is doing/has done. The look on my face when she talks must be awfully similar to someone watching a chimpanzee trying to use a screwdriver, or a wrench.

Elaine said...

Mariposa, the alt site is the ndp/green site.They are leaning over left to kiss the greenest ass they can find. They now have pukey pumpkin and graveyard green as their offical background colors.

I suppose taliban Jack and lizzie-losing-it, need all the help they can get.

I wonder how that dinner will go that those two Hugo Chavez fans are holding. I wonder if taliban Jack is ready to hand over the leadership of the ndp to Lizzie-May to defeat Harper.

Why does that make me fall on the ground and roll around laughing?

Elaine said...

...oh and niac, even if you wanted to post on alt, you have to go through a screening process. They have it looked up tighter than a nun's quiff. A very controlled site, with no difference of opinion allowed.

They haven't the ability to debate, so they just bann and delete.

....look at that, it is getting close to 4:00 pm. Right about now the socialist will be getting out of bed for a piss and a peanut butter sandwich.

The reply to our posting will no doubt be the last remanent of a nightmare about everyone in the country having a job, and the capability of looking after their families.

NIAC said...

Elaine, you sound ever-so-slightly jaded? Perhaps just a little bitter?


I had actually, literally JUST thought about the intelligence of deleting comments from someone that was obviously considered worthy at one time. That doesn't bring into question the author's deleted comment, but perhaps the admin's ability to screen authors?

Elaine said...

Perhaps a tad niac. I have a tendencey to call a spade a spade. It does make me a thorn in some people's asses at times.

I could never quite master the art of telling people to fuck off in a polite politically correct way.

mariposa said...

Nobody knows what Anne-Marie is doing or supposed to be doing...least of all her.

What she is NOT doing is being an effective mayor.

And I've been in London since 1980 - came to go to school and stayed, but looking to leave before too long.

Elaine said...

I know when and if they start working on the hole that it is going to cause major disrubtion downtown. It is getting cold, and if people downtown are without hydro and water for more than 15 minutes per day, they will be doing a dance on council's head.

30,000 people had to be detoured because of the hole. That is 30,000 people driving over other rotted shit pipes that could let go at any moment.

I know there are lots of glowtards living down there, who are salivating for this little excercise in survial techniques. It is one thing to prepare for the end of the world, and another to get a taste of it.

I hope Santa doesn't sink during the parade. That would be damn depressing to the little one.

Perhaps they could tie emergency life rafts, or patoons on Santa's sleigh to get him over the roof spots in the downtown area.

NIAC said...

Kudos to you, Elaine, I am not PC, I don't even like the term. Call them as you seem them...always.

The nice thing about diverting thirty thousand people IS the wear on the surrounding blocks. I hope that we are not the only ones who know that ALL of it is more than 150 years old, not just Dundas and Wellington. The most adventurous thing for tourists will be seeing the new whirlpool, rivalling the Niagara Gorge, at Wellington and Queens when it lets go.

I almost talked my wife into moving downtown 2 years ago. Wow...was I stupid. :)

Elaine said...

If I had my druthers, I would move downtown. There is a place right across from Williams coffee shop on Richmond Row that I find interesting. Sort of a falling down, in bad need of a paintjob, sort of building.

It has one of those big windows that juts out over the street. The fact that it is close to a bar that caters to the youngins', might make it noisey at times. That wouldn't bother me though. I don't sleep much, and when I do, nothing could wake me.

I have never been inside. I just imagine it as one great big room, loft like. It is just that I like lots going on. There is lots going on at Richmond Row.

I am hoping that it doesn't sink into the hole, and ruin my dream of someday living down there.