Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heather Mills fantasizes over SUVs

Heather Mills, self-proclaimed "charity campaigner", thinks you are destroying the planet if you eat animal products. If you want to drive an SUV, you should consider becoming a vegan to offset your carbon bootprint.

Last night animal charity Viva! insisted it was merely a coincidence that its billboards had been covered up by the domestic violence posters.

A spokesman said: "They were for an old campaign that is nothing to do with us."

The violence posters were eventually removed to reveal the Viva! billboards featuring Miss Mills, which accuse the meat and dairy industry of helping to fuel global warming.

But still the 39-year- old former model wasn't clear of controversy. She provoked accusations of hypocrisy after she arrived at the launch at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park in a gas-guzzling Mercedes 4x4 - and kept the engine running for part of the morning.


NIAC said...

What in the hell is an "animal charity".

I, and others, have said this ad infinitum: If it wasn't for the purpose of consumption, the glowtards (did I use that correctly, Elaine?) wouldn't HAVE any animals to go hug, or sleep with, or whatever.

If you don't like meat, don't eat it. If you don't like pollution, don't pollute. If you don't like porn, don't watch it.

I would rather a "non" than an "ex". Non-smokers, for example, don't smoke. Ex-smokers don't want anyone to smoke.

eng said...

Animals raised for food eat plants that were grown the same year. Their emissions will be absorbed by other plants, continuing the balanced carbon cycle.

It's only transporting food over distances (plants or animals) using fuels that release emissions fixed over millions of years, that causes a net increase of greenhouse gases.

Anonymous said...

I think that she was mainly referring to the clearing of the rainforests through fires and then the subsequent loss of oxygen from the now burned down forests that is happening to clear land for meat and dairy productions. Perhaps she was also referring to the transport of food as Eng mentioned as well. At least I HOPE that's what she was referring to. Any other speculation of possibly 80% of green houses gasses in this context would only be met with more redicule and snickers by many. To say the woman is not very well liked or respected by the vast majority of people is an understatement...

For this reason, question Viva's choice of spokesperson...

And yes, to show up for an event in a gasoline powered SUV while being a mouthpiece for the anti-global warming campaign seems a bit stupid...

eng said...

She gives vegetarians a bad name.

Paul's been a vegetarian for many years but was never a seal hugger. I think that ice floe visit a couple of years ago may have been the last straw for him. If I recall correctly, she was spouting off misinformation, which made him look like an idiot too.

Elaine said...

It is not logical. Animals fart, and we fart, that produces methane gas. If we eat the animals, that cuts down on the number of live farts. If they are dead, they can't fart. I don't think eating meat is high on the fart chart. Perhaps we could ban the eating of broccoli and beans.

Elaine said...

Does anyone know if vegans fart much? You would think so with all those gasey vegetables.

Maybe we will have to ban them.

Lisa said...

Indeed she does give sensible vegetarians like myself a bad name. I don't eat meat because I'm not particularly into dead carcass but I'm not about to go preaching my preferences to those that enjoy a big juicy steak. I wonder if she is planning on driving her SUV into the arctic to preach the virtues of veganism to the natives there.

Richard said...

Hypocrisy of the star aside,
There are a couple of points to the enironmental impact argument -

Nine out of ten fields of corn
are grown for animal feed. One
tenth is for actual human consumption.

Methane gas is alot denser than C02 and therefore a lot more

The impact on the environment from
raising cattle is taxing on the
environment and the land itself.

I am thinking of going vegetarian
on those points alone!

Elaine said...


I have a sister who doesn't eat meat, not for any other reason than she doesn't like it. I have a brother who is a buddhist, he doesn't eat it, something to do with his religion. I must call them, and ask them how much they fart.

I have three sisters that are real religious. Two Catholics, and one a Pentecost.

I have to say none of them push their beliefs or lifestyle on to anyone else. It is just thier thing.

I like it when people can do their thing without needing to force others to see it their way.

Richard said...

I am thinking of going veg pretty much for my own reasons and I agree with you Elaine about not forcing others with my POV! Those are just some stats I read which are influencing my personal decision.

Elaine said...

Way to do it Richard, a personal decision. You weigh out the consequences, and take responsiblity for them.

It is like the glowtardians. If they don't want to heat their house with real fuel, just go ahead and hook a 30 ft windmill to their roof. You might have others see it your way if you are not trying to shove it down their throats.

I must say the bottom of the barrel leaders they have for the glowtardian movement gets more entertaining, as we watch it die on the vine.

Richard said...

BTW - I am a newbie to this sight, and I was curious if you could define the Glowtardian movement for me? Thanks!

NIAC said...

There are lifestyle changes that will benefit the whole race, help the environment, ease health care. I have an aunt and uncle who built a passive solar home. I can't have floor to ceiling windows in my condo. I can't put a heat exchanger on my roof. I guarentee that if a 100-unit complex was built to work that way, it would be full of residents ... might be a lot of tree-hugging residents ... but still, it would be full. It is disappointing with the number of people who want E-homes, the norm is still "old school".

Living without meat is ok. Humans actually do need protein, and there are alternatives. It would be much more agreeable if Monsanto would stop inventing new chemicals to lace non-meat-based food products with.

Living without gasoline (I could go on about gas for hours, but I won't) is ok, too. The LTC is actually being proactive with some changes coming up, making mass transit better, and if the PTB's would get their oil-based backed heads out of their asses, they would have skipped the baby-step hybrid (aka - burns gas, so no 'real' benefit there) and create (and not backpedal, like GM did) the electric car. Yes, there are source emissions, but emission control is more practical at the sources, then at the millions of end-users.

Yes, I rant. LOL

Elaine said...


Glowtard movement: acronym for global warming retard.

The movement consists of fascists who espouse global warming
hypothetical theories as a means to control the unwashed masses.

It is just a whack of socialists/commie/fascists, who see it as a tool to gain power and control.

It is tried every century, the doomsday thing. Some centuries more than others, started with that whole heaven and hell thing.

I think if you look at it decade by decade you will find something that is suppose to wiping us off the face of the earth if we don't behave ourselves.

In the 70's we were all suppose to be wiped out by the herpes plague.

Don't hear much about herpes now do you?

Just people like to create fear, for money or power, and others like to live in it. They must think it gives them some control over their lives.

The politics of fear is an old game, been used since Jesus was a cowboy.

basil said...

AIDS wiped herpes off the STI radar at the turn of the 80's. Yes, despite the new treatments, I do fear AIDS

basil said...

. . . and herpes.