Friday, November 9, 2007

"Our food is brave, difficult and challenging to eat."

Please. It just tastes like garbage.

Check out this marvelous comments pile-on, and praise BitTorrent. Hollywood delenda est.

"Just by reading the comments you can see why these movies are failing. The People don’t buy the distortionist propaganda the Leftists are selling. The delusional, Anti-American, Leftist, Hollywood Propagandist live in a “reality distortion field”. Anti American Propaganda just won’t sell in the USA. However, they do seem to have a market for their trash in Europe and the Middle East where their Kool-Aid drinking “Matrix” dwellers reside."

"Courage would be telling stories about enemies that cut open a man’s stomach and fill it with the heads of his family as a warning to the neighborhood. Or who stone girls to death for dating someone from the wrong faith. Or who try to kill our fathers, brothers, and sons - as they try to build schools and keep the peace. Even when all of your Hollywood buddies think you’re an embarrassment for doing it.

Unfortunately, all of those courageous producers, writers, and actors know that might expose them to actual danger in the form of violent reprisal as was the case with Van Gogh in Holland. They are only brave when there is no risk. That lack of courage is assymetrically opposite to what our soldiers around the world are doing. Its no wonder Hollywood doesn’t understand."
A cheering read.



NIAC said...

I read maybe the first 50 comments. I know that the 50 I read (with a few repeat posters) is hardly a representation of over 250 million in the U S of A. I feel bad for them.

My only thought while reading them was a seeming oxymoron: How can they wave the flag, yet despise those who take advantage of what that flag represents?

Mike said...

Now I'm confused, NIAC!

NIAC said...

In the comments I read, the theme is "those idiots in Holly[weird]", "how can they do that?", "don't they know the war in Iraq is to protect our way of life".

There way of life includes Freedoms such as speech, congregation, can't tell people who are your countrymen, who are exercising their rights under the country's precepts, that THEY don't know what the war is protecting, when THEY are the ones actually able to create the "anti-war/anti-American" media BECAUSE of the military out their protecting their right to make anti-war/anti-American media.


The US of A doesn't stand for "Freedom to do it My Way", even though many of the RR's seem to think so.

NIAC, now with free typos. said...

*Their way of life...

Elaine said...

It is the oddest thing, that the left would not understand where their freedom to even make a movie came from.

I don't understand the self-hatred of the USA by the left there, and here in Canada.

The ongoing support by the left for terrorist, and backward barbaric government regimes, astounds me.