Monday, November 19, 2007

Our call for service

London Fog: Why does a call centre for city hall services cost $3.3 million to create and $1.8 million a year to operate? Have you guys ever thought about contracting out to India?

Answer: *click*


Elaine said...

does that mean instead of calling your councilor to bitch, you just call the city hall call centre instead? Looks to me like they need another wall to hide behind.

Can you imagine the calls that call centre is going to get? hahahahaahahahahahahahahhaahahahA

Not a week goes by that city council doesn't think up another plan to waste taxpayer money.

Jake said...

This is a huge waste of money. Notice that the lefies on council were the first to support it. Don't we already pay for an operator to take calls/questions? Why not contract it out to one of the many calls centers that operate already in the city? Nope. Gotta set up a new bureaucracy and pay staff bloated unionized wages to do a job that a guy in a cubicle in Calcutta can do for a fraction of the cost.