Thursday, November 29, 2007

B before A

Opposed as I am to "charitable" donations via mandatory tax contributions, as compared to voluntary efforts and donations to help those in need, I can at least appreciate the Conservative government's attempt to reevaluate the foreign aid fund. A mess it inevitably remains, and NDP Alexa Mc-Donough, development aid critic, doesn't make anything clearer when she bleats.

There are 550 Canadian non-governmental organizations working on African causes, and they will be forming an orderly line outside the CBC to decry any government decisions that threaten their projects. Alexa Mc-Donough, the NDP development aid critic, said she finds the prospect of the government implementing any aspect of the Senate report "heart-breaking and horrifying."

"[Their]prescription is 100% wrong. If we shut down a number of countries because we are continuing to deliver overseas development aid at one-third the level we should be doing, it will be inconceivable to many people."


marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

luckily the 3% of the pop who watch the CBC will never vote for anything less than rabid socialism.

Elaine said...

There should be some accountablility to it. Don't want to be sending money for poor countries to be buying guns and nuclear weapons to use against us, coz their god don't like us.

150 countries is lots of countries relying on Canada's foreign aid.

Does anyone know if Canada gets foreign aid from anyone?

Anonymous said...

There are 550 Canadian non-governmental organizations working on African causes

How can you be dependent on government money, but call yourself "non-governmental"?

Sounds like a bit of scam actually. Better just cut off all the money until everything gets sorted out.

Harper pretending that he can give away other people's money as long as he "evaluates results", or tries to make sure that he doesn't give away "too much" money, is not going to fly. If he concedes that confiscating and redistributing a little bit of OPM is good for people, then how can he resist the argument that if redistributing a little bit is OK, then redistributing a lot of money will be great? He can't. It's a bullshit commie idea from the get-go, and Harper is scamming you conservatives into thinking that he knows how to milk a bull.

To reiterate: Someone who says that "we can give away your money to other people better than the other guys can give it away" is not a conservative, not prudent, and not worth a damn. Someone who says "giving away your money to other people is a steaming pile of crap and we are going to do everything we possibly can to eliminate or reduce this abomination" is actually worth listening to.

Thucydides said...


While your sentiments are correct, the Prime Minister needs to run the nation in a practical manner. At least 2/3 of the population is committed to left wing parties and causes, so suddenly shutting off foreign aid or other left wing and "progressive" projects will simply result in this government suddenly getting dumped and a government or coalition controlled by "progressives" in power.

As well, there are practical reasons to use foreign aid to stabilize and support areas of the world that might wish us ill (i.e. Afghanistan), so a 100% shut down may not be in our best interests.

Since there is a minority government, let's accept that we are at least getting half a loaf, and work towards getting the other half, where we may move a little more quickly on the issues that matter.

Anonymous said...


If 2/3 of your neighbors are committed to looting and robbing the other 1/3, it is neither honorable nor wise to ingratiate yourselves with them by joining the looting. Standing resolutely for the principles of private property and non-agression on the side of the 1/3 of non-looters is the only moral or pragmatic solution. And ideas of freedom and peace are more popular than you think, when they are clearly articulated and stubbornly held.

Foreign aid is not stabilizing Afghanistan nor has welfare stabilized any region, anywhere - from the ghettoes of Detroit to the shantytowns of central Africa. The act of confiscating money from the people who earned it and giving it to people who haven't is itself an act of violence and cannot possibly lead to anything but a propensity toward more violence and away from peace. Not surprisingly, most foreign aid money is stolen by government insiders and their cronies - on both the giving and receiving end. It is not always as simple as envelopes of cash, but more frequently involves juicy "contracts".

Your minority government has not given you half of any loaf, just a few crumbs with debased nutritional value. You probably didn't notice this because the Wonder Bread brand from down south has been shrunken and debased so much faster than your own, but I can assure you if you look at your energy bills, food bills and property tax bills, among others, you are not being fed anything by your conservative government except a lot of sunshine up your you-know-what. Think about it: if welfare bums are getting the same amount of free bread as before, or more, and taxpayers are getting more bread given back to them at the cash register, and there are no new bakeries or wheat farms going into production, then what exactly is it that you think you're getting?

The dislike of the Harper government by lefties is not a sufficient endorsement of their policies or their actions. If you start analyzing this party and leader more selfishly and less passionately then you will realize that they are not actually doing anything for you at all, but only continuing the looting and redirecting it in slightly different directions, and using different sideshows to distract you.

Fenris Badwulf said...

The actual number of dinars, pesos, or drachma that actually get to Africa is small in comparison to the hefty bags of gold that buy wages, pensions, and benefits for the lefty legions in the racism industry. It is the shriek and shrill of racism that keeps the cash flowing into the pockets of these Tapeworm-Canadians who use emotionally charged images to keep their featherbedded jobs warm and cozy.

Most Canadians, fed a steady diet of stupid by the lying thieves of the Main Stream Media, the activist Judiciary, and the Bolshevik bureaucracy, can no longer see that the Emperor has no clothes, that there is an Elephant in the room, or admit that farts stink.

Fair enough. Many people work and thrive in the Plantation industry. The issue is not the morality of donatives to the downtrodden, or the immorality of government taking from those who care about their children to give to those who do not; the issue is about the jobs of those in the racism industry. Harper is slipping some worm medicine into the economy, and the Tapeworm-Canadians do not much like it.

All is propaganda, but the issue is Rainbow's car payment.

Elaine said...

hahahahahahahaahaha, right on Fenris