Monday, November 5, 2007

On the agenda at City Hall

The sinkhole is currently on the agenda at City Hall, alongside Storybook Gardens, a proposed performing arts centre and the Guy Lombardo museum.

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best said she's asked city staff to make a presentation to council at the Nov. 19 council meeting to outline the city's challenges and efforts to keep up with deteriorating infrastructure.

"Obviously, a lot of people are asking questions about the money we're spending and whether we're making the appropriate investments," she said.

"But you have to remember for more than 10 years we've been developing and following a master plan because we knew we had aging infrastructure after years of neglect."

[..] "Our budget discussions are imminent and that's where we'll be talking about where we want to invest. But you can't just shut the city down and do all the sewers at once.

"I want everyone on council to have a clear understanding of what we're doing, how much we're spending and where and what we need to do to keep this city moving forward -- the priorities and the options."
Anne Marie knows best. Onward to five year plans and ferris wheels:
A $7-million investment that was supposed to return the glory days to Storybook Gardens has instead produced a loss that this year will total $250,000.

After four straight years of deficits totalling more then $1 million, city staff want to change course from an original business plan they say wasn't realistic, a change that could lead to cost-cutting.

[..] The numbers at Storybook concern Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, who led the charge to rebuild it.

She says she asked Fair to do a review.

"We're going to ask some serious questions."

[..]"There's no point in having second thoughts . . . because you can't change (what's happened)," she said.


Jake said...

Anne Marie's typical arrogant "pass-the-buck" attitude. For the road collapse, she blamed the other levels of government. For the financial loses at Storybook, she blames city hall staff.

With regards to Storybook, this facility has seen its day and it should either be sold to a private company or just shut it down altogether. London's past attempts to "invent" tourist attractions like Storybook and the Guy Lombardo Museum has been a resounding failure.

When only 600 people attend the Guy Lombardo Museum, a person who died 30 years ago, it means a waste of money. To hear that old goof curator Douglas Flood say it's 'absolute stupidity' to close it, he is either delusional or forgot to take his meds.

Elaine said...

Storybook should be sold to private business. It would be a great spot for a market.

I go out to trail's end in the east end. That place is always booming.
If you had people going to the Storybook market, someone with some smarts could put something else there that would draw people in.

People tend to like markets. Except for the one downtown, that is too sterile, and doesn't have the feeling of a market. You just know when you go to the one downtown that you can't barter, and there are no deals. People like a good deal.

You need a barn like atmosphere, with live chickens and ducks for sale. It is just not a market without them.

Has no one on council travelled outside of London that they can't come up with an idea or two to make the city appealing?

Last night city council should have invited Frank le Frou down to their meeting to sing his lament. It is things like that, that will put London on the map.

NIAC said...

As, I am not interested in being mayor...but as mayor, one is basically elected to be the person who has the finger pointed AT them...not to do the finger-pointing. I have found this to be the recurring theme in everything A-M does.

She used to, erroneously, refer to the city as "The Corporation", but even then, I would think to myself, "if a corporation is going down, the board doesn't blame the woman running the cafeteria, the guy running the machine shop: You blame the boss, the CEO...the person running 'the corporation'".

I would vote for a candidate who actually ran on a platform of accountability...for LONDON, and not just their term...and meant it. A-M talks a great talk, and walks a great walk, but clearly, she's got no game.

Anonymous said...

elaine's dastardly socialist cabal sure kicked Tommy boy in the goolies, last night.

Once again, the good guys win and Tommy and Paulie V.M. look like bozos.

When's our development consultant-deputy-mayor going to learn that his freeze-dried-in-the-1950s rhetoric and policies just don't cut it when you're dealing with smart women?

Ditto for Paulie Van Useless.

Elaine said...

good guys? don't you mean the whiners?

What exactly did they win? to stop business and economic growth in London? I suppose you glowtards would think that was a win.

Not that any business will want to set up in London anyway, with the neglect of the infrastruture for the all these years. We all know is going to cost us much money.

Actually Barry, it will be fun watching business pull out of London one by one, under the watchful eye of the socialist cabal.

They mayor is screwed now, and she knows it.

It would never even cross her mind what the business community will do with this.

This is going to be wicked to watch.

Elaine said...

I was having dinner, looking out the window...wondering how our hole is faring on this blustery November day.

I was thinking perhaps we will have a big storm, and if the hydro goes out downtown, Anne-Marie can blame it on God.

It is about the only entity she hasn't blamed it on yet.

....there just has to be a man somewhere she can blame it on.

Anonymous said...

Funny how London Fog feels the need to actually alter people's comments.

Mike said...

Quit whining, Anonymous. You were warned.

If you would prefer that your side of the mutual baiting be deleted rather than corrected, don't be Anonymous.

Mike said...

I think the polite thing to do would be to take it to another site.

MapMaster said...

I would suggest that — after fair warning — we reserve the right to delete those comments or portions of comments that serve no other purpose except to bait or prolong an ongoing personal feud between two well-known commenters. Otherwise, commenters — anonymous or not — should be able to comment in the confidence that their words will not be amended.

Fair enough? Although a comment policy — of which we have none really at the moment — is obviously a matter for the London Fog contributors alone, I would welcome comments on the subject from the "offending" commenters as well.

Elaine said...

I think you should be able to tell people to fuck off, as long as we don't do it anonymously. Something sneaky about doing it anonymously. I have no problem with honest fuck offs.

Face it, we all need to be told to fuck off from time to time.

Telling each other to fuck off doesn't always have to be a negative thing. Well, most times it is, but it makes one look at their take on things. It will either strengthen your resolve to bolster your thoughts and ideas with facts, or you will just fuck off.

I have no problem with fuckoffs. If I had a nickle for everytime I was told to fuck off, I would be a rich woman.

Bob Howard said...

One year down. Three to go. So far I will admit watching this 'forward thinking' council has indeed been a hoot. Council constantly dividing themselves and now our roads opening up and saying ahhhhh. Just think only three more years to see what this council can do to this city. By then we should all be 'green thumbed' and unemployed. WHEEEeee

NIAC said...

Just My Humble Opinion:

Anonymity has its place...that place is at the bottom of the scale. Posting as anonymous is fine, just remember that paper tigers don't bite, and anonymous comments mean nothing. If you don't really stand behind what you say, there isn't any reason for anyone to stand in front of it, either.

I know it is sometimes hard, but rate the comments of people you know, like MapMaster, above people you sorta recurring posters...and rate them above one-time posters. Anonymity has no rating, since even the person typing it doesn't believe it...

Again, JMHO

Anonymous said...

There's not much difference between posting anonymously and posting with a nick. Either way, one's true identity is usually veiled, although not always.

If you want to prevent anonymous posts, get rid of the option on the site. If it's available as an option, how can you legitimately whine about anonymous posts?

I always judge a post based on the rationale, logic and facts presented and could care less what the nick was or if it was posted anonymously.

Some posters, anonymous or not, have zero credibility and their posts relect that reality.

Baiting, hyperbole, exaggeration, counterproductive and excessive labelling and stereotyping, being contrary for the sole sake of invoking an argument and just plain stupidy oozes non-stop out of some posters. One in particular springs to mind.

I've posted anonymously on this site as I've had problems with my Google account (I have to re-sign up each and every time) and the software on this site. God knows why.

I'll close with this thought: Blind addiction to any ideology is to sleepwalk through life.

NIAC said...

I guess the difference would be that I e-mailed and said, "Hi, my name is ______, and I am NIAC".

Credibility is irrelevant if you cannot confirm the source.

Water is wet
- Anonymous -

Brilliant fact, and provable, but Anonymous needs no credit.

I always judge a post...
- Anonymous -

And? Your anonymous point? If I knew who "I" was...then it would make a difference. Making a stand without making a stand? I am not being mean, I am being logical. If you see NIAC as a user, it is me. I won't call you stupid, since you are anonymous, but I wouldn't if I knew who you were.

You can always attack an idea without attack a person.

I am not about to turn this blog into a bitchfest, however. I mean, the next person posting as anonymous will likely get beaten down, and only because they used 'anonymous'.

Elaine said...

Barry, you could solve your problem with your so called google account not logging you in, by stating your name at the end of your post. It is odd that your google account nickname works on another blog we both frequent and post.

Use your nickname or use your real name. It is not like most in here don't know who you are.

Your site is to bolster the loonie left, at city hall and eleswhere. That is your prerogative.

This site is used to cut through the bullshit, and make fun of the insanity of city hall, and the left.

You have to admit the left do funny things. Like the liberals attending the funeral for a known terrorist of the tamil tigers this past week. What the left won't do for a vote amongst the ethnic communities. I find that dangerous and stupid in a funny sort of way.

Anonymous said...

I'll ignore elaine Honey Pot Sugar Scoop's comments because, as usual, they are meaningless.

So who are you NIAC? You said that you e-mailed someone and told them who you are.

What, you e-mailed everyone who uses this site and told them who you are? I don't know who you are, so should I perceive everything you post as baloney and call you stupid?

"Credibility is irrelevant if you cannot confirm the source."

I disagree, as it applies to blogs in most instances.

Most sane and intelligent people can tell when an individual posts comments that are sane and rational. And if "facts" are involved, they can be verified independently.

Conversely, most sane and intelligent people can tell when an individual posts comments that are manic and/ or psychotic.

And as I stated previously, if the admins of this site don't want anonymous comments, they can delete that function in a heartbeat.

It's a bit of a meaningless debate of no consequence.

On to an issue: Mayor DeCicco did the right thing by removing our development consultant deputy-mayor as chair of the Committee-of-the-Whole.

I'd include it in the highlights of DeCicco's mayoral career -- and I've criticised her plenty in the past.

Most people can see who Gosnell's serving and it's not the average taxpayer in this city who know that controlled growth will keep the lid on taxes whereas unfettered growth will put everyone in the poor house.

Gosnell won't even return a phone call or e-mail from an average taxpayer. But he'll get back to a wealthy land developer faster than you can say "wad of bills."

If you don't believe me, try to call him or e-mail him about some civic concern you have.

Then do the same thing and tell him that you're the president and CEO of the Melonville Land Realty Corp.

Elaine said...

who was that masked man with the stupid unbalanced diatribe?

Elaine said...

...o it is only the knight in rusty armour coming over wield his wee sword, to try to scare the bejesus out of anyone who criticizes the damsels in distress on city council.


Anonymous said...

Excellent posts, elaine. Keep up the good work. You really contribute to the debate on London Fog.

eng said...

How do you alter comments in blogger?

I thought you could delete so it shows deleted, deleted so there is no trace, or leave it. I didn't think you could edit. In haloscan sure, but not blogger.

Mike said...

Anonymous posters are and will continue to be welcome to comment, despite your bad example and your infantile rudeness, Butch.

On the other hand, whenever I think it might be funny, no boomerish notions of fairness or consistency will apply when it comes to the disposition of your comments. That means you, individually and exclusively, Butch, when you are lame enough to post as Anonymous and bait other commenters.

The other posters can do as they like, but meanwhile, there's a whole big internet out there where nobody will discriminate against you, Butch.

Speaking of boomerish notions, you said:

"Blind addiction to any ideology is to sleepwalk through life."

Either you believe that, in which case you are sleepwalking, or you don't believe it, in which case I don't know why you'd make such a blatantly self-contradictory claim. There's something happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear.

(And that'll be quite enough whining from you about how hard it is to use Google.)

Anonymous said...

Well, that last post of yours Mikey, clearly establishes you as a fourth-class idiot.

Arrogance is one thing. Stupidity is another. Put them together and you get a Mikey.

eng said...

How do you "amend" comments in blogger?

Mike said...

Your projective rage cannot bait me, Butch.

I accept your criticism. I only ask you to ask yourself, "How could Mike be a better person?" What do you think would be a good start?

I leave you with that which you least desire, the last word.

eng said...

How do you "amend" comments in blogger?

Anonymous said...

For starters, you might want to consider answering eng's question.

eng's asked it twice now and you've ignored the question both times.

Mike said...

eng, knock three times, and the door opens... partway!

It is impossible to amend comments in blogger. But, there is a simple workaround, involving only the operations you mention above.

This is a black and loathsome art, to be applied openly, transparently, exasperatedly, and only when funny.

Anonymous said...

eng, one possible way to "alter" comments by an anonymous poster would be to copy the comments, delete them, repost them anonymously and then edit them.

If someone else posted before the nefarious deed was done, however, the plan to appear seamless would be foiled.

Anonymous said...

What would be the point of editing anonymous comments? It would neither bolster nor weaken "anonymous" positions. They are, by definition, "without acknowledgement; lacking individuality or unique characteristics".

Elaine said...

Eng, listen to Butch.

If anyone would know how to ban, delete and doctor up posted comments it would be him.

He's your man when it comes to speech control.

Elaine said...

Butch, I can get a hold Tom.

I was talking to him tonight. He said, "Honey, if you keep kicking Butch's ass, and driving him to the point of insanity where he does something real stupid, well maybe just something stupider than usual....I will throw a couple extra quid in your paycheque, and get you a private viewing of the hole."

Anonymous said...

elaine, stay away from Tom.

If he's talking about a private viewing of the hole, you should be aware that Tom may have ulterior motives and may want to give it to you up the ol' Jack and Danny and expect you to pay him.

If you ever get the chance as I have, look the man directly in the eyes and you'll recognize the soul of a lizard. It ain't human. He's far, far away unless you want to hire him to spin something thru city hall.

Elaine said...

I don't have to look at him, he just drops the envelopes off at a secret place every other week.

He calls me on the hotline to talk about our next plan of action.

He was just saying this morning, "Honey, I love the way you sharpen Butch's head and pound him into the ground."

"If you keep this up, you are going to be my guest of honour at Storybook, and get the first ride on the new ferris wheel."