Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nationalizing the Economy One Municipality at a Time

Longtime landowner and farmer Arthur Fouillard is soon to be robbed of 288 acres of his property to protect the rights of municipal interests, however vague those rights may be:

To maintain possession of his land, Mr. Fouillard fought long and hard, spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees over the past six years. He tried to negotiate a lease or a partial sale, but to no avail.

According to Reeve Guy Huberdeau, the municipality had no choice. "For us it is about the survival of our community," he told the media, "and for us that was more important than the rights of one individual. Maybe I shouldn't say it that way, but the survival of the community is really, really important, and I don't think that 288 acres is going to make a big difference in the lives of the Fouillard family."
Ironically, Mr. Fouillard invited perverse attention to his property by staging public charity events and heritage fun days free of charge.

The municipality received unanimous support from the Manitoba Court of Appeal to seize a portion of Mr. Fouillard's land:
In a unanimous decision Monday, the Manitoba Court of Appeal has given the green light to the R.M. of Ellice to take 115 hectares of pasture land owned by Arthur Fouillard, 86.

"In my opinion, the municipality expropriated the 288 acres in question for a valid municipal purpose," Chief Justice Richard Scott wrote in the decision.

"A municipality has the authority to engage in a business-related undertaking, such as tourism, if council considers it, in good faith, to be in the best interests of the municipality as a whole."
If you don't agree with council and their faith, you are simply selfish and greedy. Quite simply put, you lack the power to subject the masses to your collective will.

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eng said...

In the US they are now using "eminent domain" to expropriate homes for the "public good". Serving the public good in one case is obtaining land for a Walmart.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

So I have to go to the London fog to find out what's happening in Manitoba? Hmmmm You would think there would be a headline.

Luckily the Aspers and the Richardsons our richest families are in no danger of having their land expriopriated for the survival of the community.

In fact the province wants to give the blue bombers to the Asper's and give them 80 million dollars and a tax free mall! The MSM's like the idea but he owns one of them. This stupid farmer should have just been rich then he wouldn't have had such a problem.