Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Following the success of his WESpeak in fostering a strong local blogging community in Windsor and the Essex County area, Blue Blogging Soapbox has now launched LondonSpeak to aggregate content from London bloggers, both professional and amateur, into one location for readers to visit.

An introduction to every entry from participating sites, provided by RSS feeds, are displayed on LondonSpeak with a link to the writer's blog. If you're a blogger who would like to participate in the aggregator and have your blog promoted within a wider local blogging community, visit LondonSpeak's Join page. And if you're a local reader who wants to keep up with what London bloggers have to say, make a regular visit to LondonSpeak.

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BBS said...

Thanks for the plug. I look forward to reading all the various blogs from the London area.