Friday, November 2, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth from someone other than Al Gore

Peter Foster on popular protection rackets:

We live in a world where well-funded special interests -- above all radical environmentalists -- draw power and prestige from peddling scary stories about capitalism, via a willing media. Politicians without principle jump on the bandwagon. Big corporations without perspective tag along, beating their breasts. Little children are taught to believe that the web of life is in tatters, that species are disappearing wholesale, that travel is a sin (especially for fruits and vegetables), and that using non-biodegradable plastic bags represents a thousand years of anxiety. Dim bulbs have become a way of life. What is effectively a horror movie, An Inconvenient Truth, has now become a part of the core curriculum.

In recent months, however, the drumbeat of grand global environmental scaremongering has been drowned out by a more direct and immediate alleged threat: killer toys. The mania started in early August, when Mattel's Fisher-Price unit recalled millions of Chinese-made toys because of either design flaws or the presence of lead paint, which if sucked hard enough and long enough could damage tiny brains, thus retarding their ability to soak up environmental misinformation.
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