Monday, November 12, 2007

If only that sinkhole had swallowed City Hall

The downtown sinkhole has not yet been fixed, but Gord Hume expects little debate over a proposed performing arts centre that would certainly lead to further tax increases. It's like buying a top of the line sound system for your home on credit though your basement is flooding and your foundation crumbling, except in this case, your money is spent without your consent and the city is counting on welfare from the province to address subsequent sinkholes caused by aging and neglected infrastructure.

Hume said council's committee of the whole will likely ask staff for a business plan for a performing arts centre. That would be ready early to the middle of next year, Hume said.

"At that point, council and the public will have a chance to see what figures are involved in this," he said.

He dismissed suggestions that the sinkhole in downtown London that triggered a major power failure in the core would erode support for the centre, which has been proposed for decades.

"Most people understand that a community is made up of many things, a budget is made up of many parts. We put a lot of millions of dollars into roads and sewers and we should."

But it wouldn't make sense to take money from other areas, such as libraries, and focus exclusively on roads, he said.

"That would be ludicrous."


Elaine said...

Oh Gordo, you are blinded by the bright shining light of crack blow. How you suppose they are going to get to the PAC if there isn't any driveable roads?

Frank le Fou said...

"We got all the amenities and no way to get to them."

- from the song "Pothole City"

Elaine said...

Look at that, council considering building a performing arts center.

But all but Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen were willing to take the next step -- engage staff and pay $50,000 to a consultant to examine the feasibility of a performance facility and come up with a business plan on how one might be built and operated.-lfp
Good for you Paul. Why waste $50,000.oo on a a biased feasibility report, that we all know will be fixed to come back stating London needs a pac.
"London is the only city its size in Canada, and I'm told in the United States -- but I don't know that -- that doesn't have a performing arts centre," Hume said.-lfp

Hume, could you find one that made money? that didn't eat up taxpayer money like a vortex sucking swamp?
While there's a cost to building a facility, doing nothing also has a cost, Hume said. -lfp
Truer words were never spoken by a London city council member. The hole Hume, the big fucking hole!

Such a facility is crucial if London is to attract and retain creative people, he said. "The leadership starts in this council."

But that's backwards, said Van Meerbergen -- council should respond to citizens, not tell them what they need.

Council shouldn't "ram it down the throats of taxpayers," he said-lfp

Vandeman gets points for that. He might as well be pissing in the wind. Maybe, just maybe the citizens in London will be the stopper to this foolish waste of taxpayer money.

mariposa said...

Don't hold your breath, Elaine. Most people here seem satisfied with the status quo - they keep re-electing the same free-spending morons to handle our money.

Spending $50,000 on a study - brilliant!

NIAC said...

Ram it DOWN THROATS if we're lucky.

Again, the "most conservative city in Canada", which btw, has the most swingers per capita, the most students per capita, and the most restaurants per capita, is acting like the 15-year-old know-it-all loud-mouthed, immature child that the fridge magnet (which reads: "Attentional all teenagers, move out of your parents' house know while you still know everything") was created for.

Why is it that the sinkhole isn't fixed? Forget all of the buck-passing, finger-pointing, anonymous-defending bullshit surrounding the fact that London 'management' should have "sunk" (NPI) money into infrastructure...why is there an 8-hour window for construction? Sarnia, Windsor, Kitchener...they don't piss around as "Big City" members...they do what the actual big cities do...road construction while few people are on the roads. Why in London is road work only done from just before the morning rush until just after the afternoon rush starts?

I only bring this up because it is time that London actually rode the horse, and stop grooming it and telling everyone how fast it is. Highbury was down to one lane each way backing traffic up from the construction point at Ham & Highbury all the way to the 401. I am guessing that if the students from the high schools here had a go at it, they wouldn't dream of pissing off every person that works in London by cutting off their routes, then asking if they would pay for a Performing Arts, Convention or Cultural Centre which they can't get to, nor will they be able to use the water, sewers or electricity if they can get there.

Don't tell me how good you are in bed when I am the one you're screwing.

mariposa said...

Orser is two-faced. Says no one in his ward supports it, then turns around and votes for a study.

And Cheryl Miller - what a gem! She thinks Londoners deserve both good roads and a performing arts centre. Can you say whopping huge tax increase?

JPM said...

This is an interesting comment:

"London is the only city its size in Canada, and I'm told in the United States -- but I don't know that -- that doesn't have a performing arts centre," Hume said.-lfp

London is also the largest city in North America without an expressway. Why? That's just cheap an bush league. Yes, budgets are made up of many things, but in this case, I'd like to see most of those "many things" be infrastructure expenditures. Priorities should be better roads, an expressway, no lead in the water (and as the previous poster pointed out) work crew that actually work at night instead during rush hour on the weekday, garbage men who are not afraid to pick up a heavy bag and pick up the trash one the same day every week like every other city in Canada. These are all things that money should be spent on instead of a performing arts centre. By the way, I might also point out that someone (province, city, etc.) is paying for the entirely useless Springbank dam to be rebuilt. My guess is the total for that project are in the same league as a PAC. And really more people would benefit from a PAC than that stupid dam that turns the Thames in to an open sewer for 9 months.

Elaine said...

Love that line Niac.

"Don't tell me how good you are in bed when I am the one you're screwing."

Can I use that in my melonville play?

hot syrup said...

The line that London is "the most conservative city in Canada" has been bogus for 50 years now, dating back to the time when John Robarts was Ontario's premier.

NIAC said...

Elaine, you are more than welcome to. ;)

Hot Syrup, I am glad I put it in quotes, then.

Elaine said...

I think Paul Vandeman should be the next mayor. We should start working on that. He seems to be the only one down there with any balls.

Elaine said...

If the letters to the editor are any indication of how pissed off the citizens of London are about London city council wanting to ram the PAC through, they is on fire!

You can't hide the hole Gordo. Get with reality. People don't want to pay for it.

Vandeman, step up to the plate. London is in dire need of a leader. Be that leader Paul, and pull us out of the dark hole.

Anonymous said...

Bloody elitists! Can't performers
prance around in leotards at
Centennial Hall?

I can think of about $50,000
dollars worth of road patching
that needs doing!

Consultants are like elbows and assholes!