Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hot boxin' toxin law

No more hot boxing the kids in the car in Wolfville N.S.

Anyone caught smoking in a vehicle with someone under the age of 18 will be fined between $50 and $250 by local RCMP officers.

I'm not sure how that applies here but this is absurd:

In Nova Scotia, the legal age for smoking is 19. The bylaw would also apply to an 18-year-old resident who is driving and smoking by herself.

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NIAC said...

LOL...I think it is poorly worded, but is meant to cover the enforcement asses: It is legal to consume alcohol in the person's home when underage, but service or public consumption in licensed areas is illegal. I think the smoking law actually works the same way. This means that your kids aren't criminals when they steal your smokes and beer and go consume in behind the shed in the backyard...