Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Thursday Thoughts From Fenris Badwulf

Fenris provides some advice for activists still on the nine to five schedule payment plan:

Do not be discouraged, Happy Workers, that the work week is drawing to a close.

Put a smile on your face! Every hour you work, you pay more taxes so that others can have access to your money to agitate for more of your money to talk about social problems. Think of all the happy taxspenders, spending your money. They are smiling, and they are smiling because you are working and being taxed.

Famine grips most urban centers in North America. Without your taxes, this famine would not be being addressed by studies, think tanks, and activist action activities. No posters would be posted, no press releases would flow to the press, and no bottles of gin would be presented to savvy media truthspeakers without your money. And to hand over more of your money, you need to work more, and support more taxes, and more taxes more often!