Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face

Correction: The head of the London Downtown Business Association (LDBA) was erroneously identified as Councillor Harold Usher in the original post. The head of the LDBA is Bob Usher, and the post has been updated to correct this mistake. Thanks go to reader Elaine for pointing out the error, which I can only attribute to my having city councillors on the brain.

For a limited time only, the City of London is giving you the can't-miss opportunity of a lifetime to catch its latest and greatest downtown production, "The Sinkhole"! That's right, get two hours of free parking between Waterloo, York, Ridout and Queens at Dundas and Wellington before this record-setting run of performances ends! You can't drive to "The Sinkhole," so you might as well get out of your car and walk. Don't miss out, this is a limited-time offer!*
*Offer ends when the sinkhole is repaired. In other words, who knows. And, no, there won't be any street signage to let anyone know.

At least Bob Usher, the head of the Downtown Business Association, is pumped by the "creative atmosphere" of downtown. "What a fantastic opportunity to get people talking about our downtown," Usher said to the London Free Press. Don't worry, Bob, people are already talking about downtown, but it's not the mural and the metal trees that have got them talking.


Elaine said...

I think Bob Usher is a different person than Harold Usher.

I could be wrong, but I think Bob has something to do with the downtown business association.

Silent Bryant is the councilor for downtown. Not a peep out of her. I am surprised the freeps reporters haven't tried to interview her on the hole. It is her ward afterall.

Perhaps she is too scared to speak since the boys have been bullying her down at city hall. Any money she is cringing under her bed when the phone rings, scared someone might ask her.

Would be too much for her delicate nature to be asked a few hard questions, like, "So when do you figure they will have the hole fixed Judy?".

They real got a fireball when they elected her to take care of the best interest of downtown, eh?

NIAC said...

Maybe she misunderstood when someone said they really need to get rid of that HOLE downtown?

Anonymous said...

Well, I have eye witnessed cars getting ticktets in this supposed free sinkhole zone.

NIAC said...

That doesn't surprise me, even a little.

I noticed that there is a poll on the Freeps that asks if London (read, of course, YOU) should be responsible for the losses of those affected by the sinkhole (the open pit one, not the PAC).

Isn't THIS kinda like...saying "yes"?

Elaine said...

Anyone with any business sense would be pulling up stakes and moving out of the downtown. Unless you were really stupid, you would realize they are not going to be fixing that hole for a very long time.

Them talking putting more metal trees in, and spraying pictures of god only knows what on buildings downtown as the fix, is laughable.