Thursday, November 1, 2007

The giant sinkhole we refer to as London Ontario

Horrors! As this picture shows (courtesy of today's London Free Press), one of the downtown metal trees was nearly consumed by the sinkhole that formed early Wednesday morning at Dundas and Wellington streets.

As I predicted in a comment made last night, city staff and council are blaming the province and the rest of the country for not providing enough money to pay for upgrades on the aging infrastructure. I've lived in this city long enough to know that essentials such as roads, water mains and sewers are second to libraries, arenas, splash pads and art.

"We need support from other levels of government," said Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best.

"We have designated resources to get a head start on that (infrastructure renewal). (But) it would make a more significant impact if other levels of government realized without their help, these types of situations will occur."

Said Gerry Macartney, head of the London Chamber of Commerce: "These are the prices we pay as a city, as a province, as a country for largely ignoring the infrastructure needs all these many years."
These "prices" have clearly got a "head start" on the resources designated to upgrade London's crumbling foundation and the current municipal government can only be blamed for sinking taxpayer dollars collected from Londoners into bread and circuses. Now the rest of Canada is somehow obligated to pay for the consequences of such folly.



Mike said...

Provincial money to help London out with the municipal roads thing, eh?

I had a similar request from a couple of rough looking gentlemen on Clarence Street one night a couple of weeks ago.

They just needed two dollars to get on the bus. No, really, not for crack! For the bus. The bus. They promised they wouldn't go buy somebody's cousin's art or bullshit library renovations with it either but I didn't believe them.

Jake said...

After being complacent towards the mismanagement at city hall for eons, the Freeps editor-in-chief Paul Berton finally grows some gonads and blames council for the lack of infrastructure funding in today's editorial. ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

He says that council blaming the Feds and Queens Park is just passing the buck and is a poor excuse. For the first time ever, I actually agree with everything Berton has stated in his editorial. The Freeps finally gets it right this time for a change.

Honestly, why the hell didn't Paul Berton and the clowns at the Freeps show this kind hard questioning during last years municipal election? Took them a year to get the courage to stand up to Anne Marie and the rest of council for their lack of action on our crumbling infrastructure.

Lets hope come the next municipal election the Freeps keeps this style of criticism and doesn't revert to being a complacent tripe piece for council.

Mike said...

Check out the headline of the Free Press story about the lack of investment in infrastructure:

"Outdated systems blamed"

Those damned outdated systems! Why didn't they upgrade themselves?

Elaine said...

Let's hope the youngin's don't get jumping around too much this weekend on Richmond row.

Wouldn't that be wicked if you came out of the bar, and you dropped 2 meters off the step?

I don't want to be an alarmist, and physics isn't my strong point, but hell, even I know that big gapping hole will be sending great gobs of fresh air under the roads, quickening the rotting of the pipes.

Anonymous said...

Paul Berton can criticize this or that all he wants but he has enjoyed zero credibility ever since he became the straw boss editor-in-chief of Quebecor's York Street Rag Factory.

Today, Polliwog (Son of Pierre) Berton is akin to the captain of the Titanic; still he pedals his bogus columns on behalf of his Quebecor paymasters.

Don't count on the LFP delivering anything to you except loads of advertising supplements and a skimpy pifflesheet until it rolls over, groans, belches and dies.

If the armchair quarterbacks and other assorted brain surgeons in this city (and on this one-trick pony site of complaining) had any balls, they'd pool their resources and start a weekly paper with some real muscle and honest coverage.

Within a year or two, it could go twice a week.

Sorry, Phil, over at The Londoner, your weekly paper owned by Bowes and Quebecor doesn't quite cut it either, except as a slobbering blow job and boring coupon clipper.

Regarding the sinkhole in downtown Mudville, isn't anyone curious why the City was doing major watermain emergency work at Dufferin and Wellington the previous week and then pow! -- this happens and nobody even mentions the other project?

It doesn't take a mental midget such as myself to patch the two together, does it?

basil said...

If the armchair quarterbacks and other assorted brain surgeons in this city (and on this one-trick pony site of complaining) had any balls, they'd pool their resources and start a weekly paper with some real muscle and honest coverage.

Why waste the paper? This is a dandy place to bitch and complain - and we don't have any distribution headaches or unions to put up with on the Internet.

Elaine said...

So true Basil. I think paper paper's are going the way of the do-do bird.

News participation is the new wave. Anyone can, and does, participate in the beating of the internet drum news.

I find the news in some blogs more truthful, and realistic than the news you get in paper print.

The fact you can get so many different points of view, provokes thought. That is what you want, a thought provoking analysis on what is going on in the world around you. There is an honesty to internet news that you just can't get from the main stream media.

Not only that, the internet blogs provide us with a less guarded take on things, and the comedy is to die for.

...and the internet news is much quicker. Anyone with a cell phone, avec camera and a mic, can be a reporter. Something real free and liberating about that.

Carmi said...

I had a little chuckle when I read Elaine's comment:

"I find the news in some blogs more truthful, and realistic than the news you get in paper print."

Since when is what you read in a blog considered actual news? Do bloggers spend their days sitting on the phone and pounding the pavement doing interviews, conducting research and validating facts? Do bloggers have teams of editors to back them up? To set them straight when they make a mistake that would get a first-year j-school student washed out before the first mid-term?

Blogs have their place as forums of open discussion and debate. Indeed, some bloggers DO take on quasi-media roles when they allocate the time to wrap journalist-like rigidity around their research and writing.

But by and large, I find it laughable when people completely misunderstand the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the two.

Elaine, if that is indeed your real name, I want to thank you for making my day.

MapMaster said...

I think "representation of the news" is a better phrase, but I understand the intent of Elaine's sentiment.

NIAC said...

Thank whatever diety that is important to you that printed media (I won't included other media) is infallable.