Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For $1.9 million a year…

…Londoners should be getting private adult chat lines. An Alt-London commenter reports that Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Fielding is suggesting that city staff answering calls at a proposed municipal services call centre should receive annual salaries of approximately $100,000. Although this figure is not confirmed, it is certain that city staff manning a call centre will be making much more than the standard $10-$12 per hour call centre wage.

From our comments, BBS on Windsor's experience:

What's wrong with issuing an RFP and allowing Municipal employees to bid on the process along with private providers? If there is a business case to be made, make it.

Automatically in-sourcing this is simply about bureaucratic empire building and control.

Windsor has had 311 for several years now, and as per ususal, the costs only continue to grow. The next thing you'll see is "due to higher than expected call volumes we require..." . To make things worse, Windsor has now decided to add 211 service to the 311 service, uploading a service that was previously done by a United Way agency. Now the call centre wants a new location with all the bells and whistles. For example, each shift supervisor (they supervise 3 to 4 employees) needs to have their own office, because it's too difficult to share.


Elaine said...

Let's see the city has a record of running everything at a great loss. The city has a record of people on payroll who do nothing.

The city has no leadership. The city wants to waste more money at Springbank, build a PAC, five people in the city are in favour of, and ignore a hole in the middle of the city that is bigger than Gina Barber's mouth....and they think we the taxpayer are going to go for this?

Richard said...

Where does all this mystical money come from? Can I have some?

basil said...

If Fielding really believes that phone jockeys deserve $100,000 a year he is frighteningly too detached from reality to be running a city. That or else he is comparing current city salaries with the significance of the jobs being performed. I can't imagine what he thinks skilled tradespeople should be paid.

NIAC said...

Will the call centre be done before the PAC, so that we can call to vote down the PAC?

100K call centre jobs...I'm in. Where do I send my resume?

The city HAS leadership, just like the Titanic had a bow.

Lisa said...


We need to consult Fenris asap! If Fenris fails to respond, CUPE is our next best bet. The burning question of the day: are taxspenders better off then taxpayers? We should start a leadership forum to encourage dialogue and diversity.

BBS said...

Danbury case study.

A city of 75,000 implements a 311 call centre system for less than 100,000 USD

QAlert system by QScend

Outsourced to a call centre, I'm betting you could implement this for around $500,000 to $600,000.