Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eco-Warriors First!

Darcey is doing some fine research today, so head on over to The Broom and read all about Eco-Commie David Brower:

Friends of the Earth were created as a spinoff from the Sierra Club by former executive director David Brower. His thinking was that the people that are easily named extreme make the people who were extreme seem suddenly reasonable (Confessions of an Eco-Warrior). It was an ingenious use of the Durkheim Constant which notes that as behaviour worsens, the community adjusts its standards so that conduct once thought reprehensible is no longer deemed so.

In this context David Brower didn't think the Sierra Club was radical enough for his idealism so he branched out to form a more radical group to make the Sierra Club seem more normal and ultimately acceptable to the general populace (see Green Party leader and former Sierra Clubber Elizabeth May for a taste of the experience).

Continuing to somewhat hide his true objectives and thru mobilizing his useful idiots, David Brower moved on to greater deviancy and founded Earth Island First in order to make Friends of the Earth seem reasonable.
Friends of the Earth has now filed a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to abide by its Kyoto commitments. Meanwhile, Brower has turned his energies toward Earth First!
Earth First! was named in 1979 in response to a lethargic, compromising, and increasingly corporate environmental community. Earth First! takes a decidedly different tack towards environmental issues. We believe in using all the tools in the tool box, ranging from grassroots organizing and involvement in the legal process to civil disobedience and monkeywrenching.

[..] We apply "direct pressure" to stop the bleeding, with a combination of education, litigation, and creative civil disobedience. Many EF!ers experience both the joy of the wild and the anguish of losing it so acutely that they feel isolated and alone before coming together as a group. Nothing is more empowering or more fulfilling than standing defiant in creative consort with other like-hearted people. Dare to love that much!
Those interested in furthering the agenda have since parted with Earth First and moved on to Earth Liberation Front:
It was founded in 1992 in Brighton, England by Earth First! members who refused to abandon criminal acts as a tactic when others wished to move Earth First! into the mainstream. The group jumped to North America in the mid-90's. Historically, the group has concentrated efforts on the timber industry and animal rights issues. More recent actions indicate that some ELF factions are also targeting suburban sprawl, with New York a hotspot for this type of activity. Within the past year, a number of under-construction condominiums and luxury homes have been set on fire by ELF operatives. Subsequent press releases describe an "an unbounded war on urban sprawl", adding that "we will not tolerate the destruction of our island" and "if you build it we will burn it."
Presumably, it will soon be considered intolerant to arrest such people who destroy people's livelihoods along with the economy.


Elaine said...

Eco-terrorist are just so dumb.

I suppose we should worry about them hitting London.....oh yeah, I forgot, there is no need. London is collapsing on its own.

Elaine said...

Do you agree with Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he calls the Kyoto Accord a "mistake?"

Yes 51%
No 49%

Total Votes for this Question: 107 -lfp

Keep an eye on this poll to see how fast it is jimmied by the eco-nuts

eng said...

I agree with Stephen Harper when he calls repudiating the Kyoto Accord a "mistake".

Elaine said...

Here is a newsflash for the glowtards, before they go and do something stupid like sell their heating system in the pennysaver

Cdns should brace for coldest winter in almost 15 years: forecast

By Michael Oliveira, THE CANADIAN PRESS

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

No fair Elaine I was going to link to that,

Theres something insane about using my tax dollars to fight global warming when the wind chill was -36 or something and winter is about a month away.

Last year, a number of traditionally cold and snow-covered cities like Quebec City, Ottawa and Timmins, Ont., had their first green Christmas in decades.

So if they had green Christmas’s decades ago it doesn’t sound hockeystickish, does it. wonder if 1934 was one? Like my uncle Wes would say we’re going to have weather.

Meanwhile a bit further from reality.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says he will travel to Bali, Indonesia, next month for the United Nations climate change summit to ensure that the Harper government doesn’t push the world in the wrong direction in the fight against global warming.


And we all know Dion will fly there, to tell us that inorder to save the earth China shouldn't worry about emissions.

eng said...

I always love the creative writing here.

Whatever happened to "It's only weather. Climate is determined by long term trends."?

We heard that bleated incessantly during warm spells. Why do we now hear crowing that there can't possibly be climate change, just look how cold it is locally at this time?

And they tried to tell me hypocrisy is only for those on the left. Seems to be in full flower among the denialists.

Elaine said...

Eng, the weather is a wonderful prop for the glowtards. Whatever the weather, the glowtards come up with an end of the world scenario to fit.

Glowtards have been trying for a year now to change the wording from global warming to climate change, because the weather isn't cooperating with their doomsday scam.

Though the glowtards have been working hard to change it to climate change, the blogsphere is making sure they don't. That is what is wrong with you socialist, you keep changing things in the middle of the game, hoping no one will notice.

Marginal why would Dion be going? Who is he speaking for? his own party are working hard to dump him, it is not logical. I don't care if he goes as long as it is not on the taxpayer tab. Let him make a fool of himself....again, it is his way.

eng said...

Eng, the weather is a wonderful prop for the glowtards. Whatever the weather, the glowtards come up with an end of the world scenario to fit.

And "right-tards" do the same. Whatever the weather, the righttards come up with "don't worry be happy".

change the wording from global warming to climate change

Actually it would be "global climate change". It is a more accurate term. Suppose we see increased hurricane activity? That could be a change in climate, but it may not show a temperature change in that local area. Since warming the atmosphere has varying effects on climate and then weather, it makes sense to have a more general term.

If warming air changes the wind patterns, then you may see the jet stream staying north of us like it did last winter, or being south of us already like it is now.

That is what is wrong with you socialist, you keep changing things in the middle of the game, hoping no one will notice.

I am not a socialist, but if it pleases you to call me one, feel free. You seem to have a lot of rage to dump on all and sundry.

Changing things in the middle of the game has no political leaning. We see a good measure of same from our current government.

And of course, the climate change theories could turn out to be wrong.

You have never ever ever admitted it could be right.

That, plus the fact that you consider thinking about anything, and changing one's mind to be "changing things in the middle of the game", indicates your narrowmindedness.

The rage and hate here is almost as bracing as the wind chill today.

Elaine said...

Eng, what rage and hate? When someone doesn't share your take on things, you consider that rage and hate? Are you that fragile that you can't handle a difference of opinion?

The glowtards are the ones running around stating the sky is falling, it hasn't been proven. The burden of proof lies with the glowtard scammers, not with the skeptics.

Eng, why would I consider admitting the glowtard hypothetical global warming theories could be right?

Eng, I know that cults that believe they can control the weather, are lacking in logic. It is a tool that has been used by ancient civilizations over and over, to control human behaviour. It is bullshit, plain and simple.

It is like people who believe their god rides around on a flying horse, and who demands of them to kill others who don't believe that.

Not based in reality and logic.

Elaine said...

...and eng, if you want to observe real hate and rage, you need look no further than your EFing friends. They see humans as a disease, a vermin who are destroying the planet. They want a whole whack of us dead.

an unbounded war on urban sprawl", adding that "we will not tolerate the destruction of our island" and "if you build it we will burn it." -Earth first


The passive agressive behaviour of the glowtards is getting old. Though your pathetic whining, grates on my nerves. I wish no harm.

Elaine said...

eng, I haven't heard from you in days. I am getting worried.

I was fretting thinking you and the other glowtardians might be out doing a global warming protest, and got lost in the snowstorm.

My imagination is going wild, thinking of you and your tribe lost in the wildnerness of downtown London, frozen to your signs because you are too stubborn to dress warm.

Please give me a sign that you are still alive. If I read that they find a bunch of popsicile glowtardians in the spring thaw....even though we have locked horns, I am going to miss you guys.