Monday, November 12, 2007

Doctor Suzuki (Won't You Give Us A Prescription)

I dug up the B-side to the A-side...


Doctor Suzuki, won't you give us a prescription for a better world?

Don't you know the trees need you?

Don't you know the seas need you?

Don't you hear our pleas to heed you?

Don't you know that we need you?
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Elaine said...

you are doing it. You are really going to do it. I thought you were all lost boys, ruined by socialist dogma. Kids with brains. There could be a god. Bravo!

Elaine said...

No kidding. I was at home depot the other day, and they are shilling this carpet goes by the name of Gaii. Made of recycled pop bottles, and cost more money than real carpet made of camel asshole.

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...
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Elaine said...

...see what I mean Barry. When Mike skewer's you, you are skewed, chewed and tattooed.

Elaine said...

I got the oddest brochure in my mailbox today. It was from Dominic LeBlanc,Liebral Mp for Beausejour.

I know the liebrals are broke, but this brochure is just so and cheesy.

Printed on coloring book paper, in black and white font.

It has a picture of Stephane Dion with a paper bag over his head, top cut off, showing off his quiff , with a smiley face drawn on it.

He has his hand out, as liebrals often do, in a gesture of asking for money. I know they are ashamed of their leader, but they don't have to make fun of him to.

Dion asking the big question, "What was your conservative up to in the last election?" Easy enough to answer. "He was kicking your parties ass."

It even gets more comical because it is a liebral stating that this is not the first time a conservative party has ben caught breaking election financing laws. Yooooooo Dion, does the words 'Gomery Inquiry' mean anything to you.

You just don't get it, you dumb fuckers.
The tories could hold up a couple of 7-11's at gunpoint, and the citizens wouldn't blink and eye, after the millions that the liebrals stole.

We are suppose to send this back to the guy with the paper bag on his head.

Please someone put these poor stupid bastards out of their misery.

Mike said...

Elaine, I leave your 3:27 undeleted, just to be unfair.

No more baiting of Butch/Barry on my posts.

Elaine said...

Ok, I will just torture him using more discreet methods.

...hauling out my old tease and torture until they go completely bald manual.

Anonymous said...

I've never posted on this thread, ever.

I've noticed that you've started using using my name here in relation to some obscene post that I know nothing about. You're courting hearing from my lawyer, which can be arranged in a heartbeat.

Mike said...

1. Who are you?

2. To what obscene post are you referring, and if you claim to know nothing of such a post, why are you characterizing it as obscene?

3. Get lost.

Elaine said...


Mike said...

I'd hate to think that someone out there would anonymously imply "Butch" is the kind to make ridiculous legal threats. That would be beyond the pale, so I can only assume that really is him, and that he really still has not mastered Google.

Despite his curious ability to -- and correct me if I'm again misattributing -- post non-anonymously on Google during some phases of the moon, I have no reason to doubt him when he says he didn't post earlier. Such is the latitude you assume when you post anonymously, eh, Butch, old troll?

Given that, there's no getting around it. Given his denial, it would be wrong to attribute to him something that I no longer completely believe was his.

Elaine said...


Star chambers can be so time consuming and a big pain in the ass. Just ask some of the veterns of the freedom party.

smoothe move Mike