Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Carbon Dioxide Blues

In California, activists are swarming the schools and so-called educators are eagerly helping to spread the word by staging a series of assemblies. Since the science of climate change is "settled", pupils are now relieved of the burden of thinking for themselves.

Teachers, parents and volunteers helped organize the assemblies and participated in the skits to help raise awareness about global warming and what people can do about it - exchanging traditional light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, for example.

School officials distributed more than 500 CFLs last week.

On Friday, Rancho students will be given bilingual "Cancel-a-Car" coupon books filled with ways they can fight global warming.

Once the coupons are returned to school, teachers will track what conservation efforts are made and the date. Teachers will help monitor the progress. As the carbon reduction increases, images of cars will be crossed out on a giant poster kept at school.

[..] Eco-friendly ideas in the coupon book include buying reusable water bottles instead of bottled water, walking or cycling to school, reducing junk mail, washing clothes with cold water and reducing time showering.
The planet gets smellier each day.

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Anonymous said...

All socialism is a kind of war. And real wars, the kind we've been fighting since 1900, are all about socialism. War is socialism on the march, and vice-versa. And people love wars, in the beginning. The hype, the parades, the feelings of do-or-die, pulling together for a common cause, the enthusiasm for striking back against poverty, pollution, Huns, (whatever they are told is really, really, scary) are very exciting for the first year or two. Then everyone ends up poor, and a lot of them are dead, and they're a lot less free than before. But the people leading the parade, like the Schwarzenator, if they are not strung up or shot, do berry, berry well off of wars.

Remember that Ahnold first went Sacremento to clean up the place - then he found out that being nothing but a kind of athlete and celebrity all his life left him too mentally weak to accomplish anything real and lasting. He surrendered to the unions. That left him without any real direction for a year or so, without any hope of raising the money needed to pay off the unions, and without a sideshow to distract the peasants from what a useless schmuck he is. Then he figured what the true joy of that great, big, wonderful scam we like to call AGW.

Anonymous said...

Humans are social creatures, always have been and always will be. From Day One until the end of time.

The ideological right regularly portrays "socialism" in a negative light and tosses the word "commies" around frequently, labelling people as commies that have never been commies and never will be commies.

The ideological right ruins their credibility when they do that. Bitter people playing one-string banjos usually have little or no credibility -- or a life for that matter.

Living in towns, cities and rural areas, humans have developed prootocols, laws and policies designed to encourage people to live side by side in harmony.

There's always a lively debate about these policies and rules.

The ideological right regularly rails against these "socialist" policies, believing themselves clever for complaining.

"We're right and the rest of you commie bastards are wrong!"

Do they challenge these policies in the courts? Rarely. Whining is more fun and for the delusional, like a salve for the psyche.

Kid stuff, really.

The rant and rave politics of the mentally disengaged and disenfranchised.

Yet they all happily use the universal health care system as required, saying they have no other choice.

London, Ontario's Neo-Nazi Martin Weiche who lives just outside Hyde Park, once tried to orchestrate a coup on a Caribbean island decades ago, presumably so he could establish his twisted world view there and call the shots as he goosestepped around the small island.

Naturally, it failed. But at least the nutbar tried his best.

If I felt so completely disengaged and disenfranchised with our realtively peaceful, prosperous and harmonious way of life here in Canada -- clearly one of the finest places to live on tthe entire planet -- I'd be doing something about it whether through organizing here or leaving here.

The reality is that Canada is a relatively balanced, free country, where its socialist policies are the envy of many in the world.

The rebels without a cause, however, often project their disdain for their perceived lot in life through political mumbo jumbo and twisted rhetoric of little consequence.

And it's a free country. Thank God. Because serious inequities do arise in our society, inequities that need to be corrected and remedied. Society is always evolving, I think for the better, generally.

But a shrink would have a research field day with many of the habitual complainers and arm-chair quarterbacks with blogs and computers.

Like that wild-haired, so-called Libertarian Zack Young who ragged on about this and that during the last provincial election on Rogers TV. Tried to portray himself as some great prophet of principle and ethics. He was nothing of the sort.

It turned out that he hadn't even contacted the Libertarina Party prior to announcing his candidacy and he even failed to formally register his candidacy before the cut-off date.

Last we ever heard of him, right?

These characters are disasterous for the credibility of the ideological right and yet the ideological right likes to call ideological lefties, lunatics.

Think Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Two human basket cases, beyond any shadow of a doubt. The venom and hate in their black hearts is never far from the surface.

NIAC said...

Umm...I am having a slow day. What spawned all that? Was it the category of "Enviro-Commies"?

Anonymous said...

Geez, niac, maybe it had something to do with the first comment about "socialism." That's usually the way it works on blog threads.

So your response to the post is to ask why it was written?

You should copy your comments and paste them in after every post to really enrich the debate.

NIAC said...

Ah, my apologies.

I wrongly assumed that someone here who vehemently defends the "anonymous" posting was you, and thusly, I assumed in kind that you would not argue with yourself.

I have learned now not to comment when someone has posted in a thread using anonymous.

Anonymous said...

You make no sense, niac. Ever thought about commenting on some issues for a change instead of nitpicking fluff off the carpet?

What I've now learned is not to respond to your meaningless posts, unless I've smoked a few joints of dynamite BC Bud to rise to your level of heightened awareness.

If you haven't figured it out by now, posting anonymously remains an option on this site and numerous individuals use it for whatever reason.

Admittedly, the first anonymous post on this thread is bizarre gibberish.

Have a great weekend and continued good luck with your studies.

Lisa said...

Anon the second, otherwise known as Butch:

You bitch and complain about your inability to leave comments via google login, but I see no reason for you not adding your identity at the end of your anonymous bleatings.

Your ad hominem arguments are tiresome and hardly constructive to the issues presented for discussion.

As for socialism,

Naturally, it failed. But at least the nutbar tried his best.

Mike said...

Lisa, when you get a chance, could you give me a call? I'm having a hard time with this Google search thing. Are you supposed to click on the Start button again or something?

I put my credit card in like it said but then nothing happened. Where the hell are you supposed to type again? I think I need a new computer because probably I have a virus.

Anonymous said...

If you line up at the bank, obey the rules of the road, agree to pay for the goods and servives you consume, say excuse me when you bump into someone, submit to the rule of law etc. etc., you're a socialist.

How has it failed?

For most people (extremely poor, mentally challenged, infirm and right-wing nutjobs excepted), living in London, Ontario, Canada is extremely enjoyable.

Lisa said...

The virus is called Butch. I think we need to install virus software to prevent trolls from littering our comment sections.

MapMaster said...

We are all Socialists now…

Anonymous said...

Stop makeing fun of me, you right wing wackbuckets!

It's not my fault Google is hard to use.

Lisa said...

What about that sink hole? Santa and the veterans will change their route route due to municipal incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so right wingers believe in Santa Claus now?

I bet you don't even leave milk and cookies out because that would be encouraging Santa's welfare lifestyle, eh?

That shows the kind of "thinking" on this blog.

If you care about Santa Claus so much, why don't you get off your lazy asses and fix that sinkhole yourself? Maybe you're too afraid that a city worker would kick your asses to the curb and show you how a real man saves Christmas. Then the veterans could kick your asses too.

You're even stupider than that impossible, buggy Google website.

NIAC said...

One of the things I love about blogging is that there are always those few. You know the ones. They claim that anyone who writes where you are writing is a complete idiot. Then, they hit submit... is hard to argue that when that kind of proof is given.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, the sinkhole in downtown London and the re-routing of parades isn't even on the radar screen of catastrophic events. It's a minus 500 on a scale of 1 to 10.

It's mere chickenshit.

Try living in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. for some real discomfort.

That sinkhole ain't nothing but temporary entertainment for the softies in Toon Town.

Talk to people who survived WW2 for some real horror stories.

Anonymous said...

Let's track down Butch McLarty and string him up for expressing an opinion foreign to our small group of lamo circle-jerkers.

Goosesteppers of the whirld, unite!

How dare Butch invade our little right-wing nutjob club.

Either we all pound off together in unison or niac the half-wit takes a cuff upside the head!

Long live MapMaster!

NIAC said...

Well, you claim you know so much, and have so much to debate. Someone mentions parades, and your counterpoint is that there are worse catastrophes?

You are the only one, whomever you are, 'anonymous', who seems to think a parade re-routing in London, Ontario, Canada is a catastrophe. You need to prioritize a little, and leave off the sensationalizing of trivial things.

Anonymous said...

Christ, where did this dimwit (niac) come from?

niac, that sinkhole ain't fuck all.

Lisa thinks it's a big deal.

Have you had a lobotomy recently? Or do you just have really good weed?

Hold it Lisa, I take a few things back. Our fucking education sytem has failed us miserably -- and we've spent oodles and oodles of money and niac is all we have to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Another thing. It just goes to show how closed minded this blog is, when people think it's appropriate to laugh at me for not knowing how to use Google.

Duhh, newsflash, geniuses, when I went to school, there was no such thing as Google.

I'd like to see you right wing bloviationists figure out how to operate a crystal radio.

Don't come whining to me when the crystal radio kicks your ass, because I'll be right behind it in line for ass-kicking sloppy seconds, with a big grin on my face! Your circle jerking days will be a fond memory when I'm through with you!

NIAC said...

BTW, MapMaster, up to the point of "anonymous" hiding up for what he believes in, I actually did not mind The London Fog.

However, to the delight of at least one poster, I think I am going to stop posting. I may come back to read once in awhile, as some of the articles posted here, and the INTELLIGENT debates on topic are worth reading.

I won't be drawn farther into a high-school sociolgy experiment, and wreck the experience for others. I bring out the worst in people.

Well, 'those' people.

Anonymous said...

OK, Lisa, Mike, elaine and MapMaster have convinced me.

I hate socialists, commie bastards and pinkos of every stripe.

Where do I sign up for the Right-Wing Foreign Legion of Meritocracy?

I'm ready to give my heart to Sweet Jesus! Onward Christian Soldiers. Pitter-Patter, Let's Get at Her!

Anonymous said...

Fuck fucking Google and its Himalayan learning curve anyways.

I'm sick and tired of little smirking punks telling me how easy it is to use and offering to post my comments for me.

altavista is where it's at anyways.

So I looked up your supposed "Right-Wing Foreign Legion of Meritocracy" and sure enough, no hits. Turns out that whole thing was as much bullshit as your beloved Trickle-Down Economics. Never trust a right wing kookstick.

The joke's on you, though. I strung you along making you think I was really going to sign up, and you fell for it hook, line, and stinker.

Anonymous said...

If you line up at the bank, obey the rules of the road, agree to pay for the goods and servives you consume, say excuse me when you bump into someone, submit to the rule of law etc. etc., you're a socialist.

Whoops, there's a typo in the other Anonymous's post above. If you respect other people's rights and property, then you're sociable. If you wish to force someone to pay for the goods and services that other people consume, and you think that government-enforced monopolies are an effective substitute for peaceful and voluntary cooperation in the free market, then you're a socialist.

Elaine said...

"Lisa, the sinkhole in downtown London and the re-routing of parades isn't even on the radar screen of catastrophic events. It's a minus 500 on a scale of 1 to 10.
It's mere chickenshit."-Butch

A socialist would consider it sweet fuck all. No reason to evaluate how city council waste money.

If it is sweet fuck all, why are they whining for money from the other levels of government to fix it?

Will it make it serious to the socialist when the people downtown are drinking raw sewage?

How many people in this city truly believe that council can get a handle on the hole ,and fix it? Where no one on council is taking any responsibility for the mess, we all know it is going to get much worse, until someone steps in and takes charge.

Butch, you want us to believe you run a website, but you don't know how to post using google?

We're not socialist Butch, we don't buy into fairy tales.

mariposa said...

Wow - what did any of the postings here have to do with the topic presented?

mariposa said...

BTW, what's all the crap about Google? Why not just post under "Other" and pick an identity instead of "Anonymous"? It's not that hard to do.

My thoughts to Niac et al, regarding Anonymous:Butch/Barry. If everyone just ignores him, he'll tuck his curly little tail between his legs and go squealing back to alt. I certainly intend to pretend he's not even posting here.

Elaine said...

It is good that Barry is posting. Nothing like getting into the mind of a pinko, that makes you realize just how bad things will get if we ever put a left government in place again.

Everything Barry states is a contradiciton to logic. Logic is not a strong point amongst the left. I find it amusing.

Elaine said...

"Another thing. It just goes to show how closed minded this blog is, when people think it's appropriate to laugh at me for not knowing how to use Google."-Butch

We are not laughing at you Butch, we just know you are a lying prick. That is what happens when you hang with pinkos.

A whole whack of things about the people that use this site that you don't know about, but only think you do.

A word of warning Butch, for your own good. You don't posess the talent to go up against Mikey.

The boy is a genius, and he is only a kid. He hangs with other genuis kids.

If you don't want to see yourself performing a Gestapo Gil on London Fog in the near future,I suggest you behave yourself.

Anonymous said...

Butch and the Alt London folks should stop using the London, Ontario Wikipedia link as a method of spewing their biased opinions. Wikipedia is suppose to be neutral.

Hairy Bush said...

My God, everything on London Fog is total spin. What are you talking about? At least Alty London has plenty of straight news.

Elaine said...

alt london is not straight news, it is socialist spin. I don't know if you have noticed, but the ndp are on their way to extinction. They took a terrible beating in Saskatchewan last week.

Seems to me that Canada is growing up, looking at reality, and going towards the light of prosperity.

mariposa said...

At least Alty London has plenty of straight news.


Anonymous said...

it seems mariposa and elaine don't have two brain cells to rub together. related perhaps (the 'tard family) or just the same lonely person?

londonfog's finest.

Elaine said...

Should we be reporting Butch to the word police? Butch being a socialist and all. Socialist have to act, and think a certain way.

Aren't they suppose to be using politically correct language?

Shouldn't Butch, as a socialist, be thinking hard before he opens his dumb cake holes, as to nevha, evah, offend anyone or anything in the whole wide world?

What does he mean by straight news? Is Butch excluding people of different sexual orientations? Does he mean that only straight people are allowed to read his socialist diatribes?

What the hell is going on?