Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Canada's sinkhole city" ads to appear shortly

There's growing excitement about the possibility of changing London's 'brand'.

No longer will we simply be known as "London, the city beside Dorchester".

Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco said she's aware Mississauga has used London [and the new logo] to make its cash pitch.

"I'm OK with that, that they have used us as one of their examples," she said.

DeCicco said all cities are in the funding pinch together.

In a recent presentation to council, and on its civic website (www.mississauga .ca), Mississauga uses a colour photo of a backhoe poised over London's downtown sinkhole to decry decaying public works.

"It's what we have been talking about for five years," she said, noting the nasty sinkhole surprise brings the underfunding issue into sharp focus.
DeCicco, a savvy politician with a media background, knows this is an opportunity not to be missed.

"We have to take advantage of this while people are talking. We must re-brand ourselves while the momentum is here. By the spring, unless Richmond caves in, people will once again think of us as 'London, the city beside Dorchester.'

"With a cute little logo of a backhoe over a hole and some buildings surrounding them - it's manly because it's got big Tonka toys, it's urban 'cause it shows downtown, and it's hip 'cause sinkholes are big across the continent right now - I think we'll have to double the infrastructure in this town to accommodate the influx of those drawn by the new brand image!"


Joe Molnar said...

Had me fooled there for a bit - I thought they were digging in footings of the " Gord Hume's "New Opera House"

NIAC said...

Wow...is this link really "news"?

Elaine said...

Come visit London! Where a hole lotta nothing is going on.

If you get here soon enough you can book reservations in the newest addition to the downtown ghetto, on King Street. Time is of the essence, there is a waiting list.

Come take a good look at London's hole, be one of the first to tour the inside when they get around to suring up the sides.

NIAC said...

"Come take a good look at London's hole"

You WERE talking about the one at Dundas and Wellington, right? :)