Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blinded by the Red glare

If you have any remaining doubt that the NDP party is inherently totalitarian, go check Darcey's post from earlier today, taking care to follow the links provided. Of special note to Londoners, particularly those residing in the riding of London-Fanshawe, is an upcoming riding association executive meeting. Those in attendance will be treated to a speech from Amneet Bali who will share details of his adventure with Hugo Chavez.

If you want Canada to end up like Venezuela, vote NDP.


Jake said...

Well, lets see how much the NDP supports Chavez after next weeks referendum on whether he can become a dictator for life. If Chavez loses, he will likely impose martial law indefinitely and then the real socialist agenda of Chavez takes hold. The egg will be on the NDP's face I'm sure.

To North Korea: perhaps you will no longer be alone in the totalitarian category in a few short days.

Elaine said...

Creepy and telling that the ndp picked Hugo Chavez as their role model.

You're are right Jake, lets see how the ndp dance around when Hugo starts jailing and killing people who speak up against him.

Anonymous said...

And you are suggesting the Conservative party is so much better? What other alternatives do we have other then the Liberals who can't pull a party together to save their lives and the Conservatives who's main plan is to turn Canada into then next US state. No thanks I'll take my chance with a party that has enjoyed the company of a leader who doesn't bow down to threats made by warmongering hipocrites who control the medias in both the US and Canada. If Venezuela was so bad why haven't we seen an influx of refugees like we have from Cuba and Mexico? Are you truely suggesting we bring back the practise of guilty by assocation?

Elaine said...

You are going to see them. That is if they can get out before Hugo erects the electric fences.

Annoy, surely even you, who I am assuming, was raised in a Canada, sees something wrong with a leader who puts forth a plan to have himself voted in as dictator for life.

It is creepy, and even creepier that the ndp party would hold that fuckwit up as their hero.

Mike said...

Social Justice is a very complicated and nuanced process that can take a lifetime to implement. It takes a strong man to stand up to saboteurs and root out foreign imperialist agents from the people's midst.

Apart from well-read, open-minded NDP supporters, people are so down on Supreme Leaders for Life these days that they don't take the time to listen to the wonderful things those leaders say about poor and diverse communities as they rev up the backhoes. Do Conservatives think those boots will just lick themselves?

For the good of all Canadians, the NDP should trumpet its support for Chavez far and wide.

Elaine said...

psssssssst, hey there annoy. Thought I better break it to you about your Hugo Chavez being crazier than a bag of hammers.

He is cuckcoo, in more ways than one. Not that any day of the week you can't find Hugo howling at the moon, but now the stupid son-of-a-bitch is stating CNN wants to kill him.

Anyone wanting to start a betting pool as to when paranoid Hugo is going to call up his army and start rounding up suspects, enmasse, who will conveniently dissappear?

Communists are so predictable.

Anonymous said...

It gets better by the moment in socialist world. Annoy, perhaps you should have a word with your dumber than dogshit ndp party and explain to them, these people aren't Hugo Chavez fans. Make sure you tell the ndp that their government will never form a government in Canada. The world is kicking communist ass to the curb. Parties like the ndp are soon to be a distant memory.

mercy..... hundreds and hundreds, and even tens of thousands

Tens of thousands march in Venezuela's capital to protest Chavez's referendum


Mike said...

Some Yankee imperialist fatcat took Anonymous' comma key away.

Next, Uncle Sam will take away your free health care. Then, he'll keep the people of the world from ever getting the free straw they dream of sleeping on in a free barn.

Anonymous said...

So many crazy Hugo comments not a single one directed at our closest neighbour. You are suggesting that Hugo is going to put up some fence to keep his people in. That would be almost believable until you look at Cuba who is also communist, yet we see Cuban refugees all the time. Is it not possible for anyone here to believe that there are people who are more then happy to live in a communist society? I suppose this is where I should remind everyone that China is communist too. Have none of you been reading the news in the last few months about Bush signing in a law to make himself "president" for life if "something" happens? That "something" doesn't even have to be another 9/11 it can be any type of disaster financial, terrorist or natural. Once said "something" happens guess who becomes the leader of all branches of the US government? This was posted on the White House webpage about six months ago. There does seem to be some NDP panic on here though. Which is really strange since you all seem to want a government that is making us closer and closer to a country and a leader that is completely incompetent. And yes people did protest Hugo, but then again people protest over trees being cut down, GMO foods and our own leaders. Does that mean that Canadians are going to run for the borders too? As for CNN (who is pretty much run by the US government for those who aren't in the know about the media) this wouldn't be the first or the last time they or the government have plotted to or have been successful at removing a leader they didn't like. When I say removing I mean killing. Oh and by the way "other" anonymous name calling really doesn't do much for your argument other then making you look uninformed and childish.

Elaine said...

I happen to like and admire our cloest neighbour. I am thankful they are our neighbour. I find I have more in common with the USA, than say China.

There is something about democracy that I find comforting.

Ndp panic? no, the ndp are a joke to all thinking Canadians.

It is just important to get the word out that the ndp party admire dictators, and would like to emulate their communist governments.

Elaine said...

They sure gave Hugo an ass kicking, didn't they?

I bet he feels as bad as taliban Jack does about dainty Dion stealing the poverty platform from under his nose.

Between the mean green and the libranos, there is not going to be enough of the ndp left to fill a bird's belly.

Jake said...

Hugo barely lost the referendum, but it won't be the last. Hugo admitted that this one was the first and that he won't change the proposals at all.

Expect "neverendums" till he finally wins one.