Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why we need a Creative Cities office

Public Art, defined as "art that is purchased by experts who are not spending their own personal money." The money of course comes from the taxpayers, who are not allowed to spend this money themselves because (1) they probably wouldn't buy art, and (2) if they did, there is no way they would buy the crashed-spaceship style of art that the experts usually select for them.


Iron-Man said...

Governments need to get out of the business of buying art and of beautification of government buildings. It is a major scam where the friends of political figures and administrators make money whether it is by brokering art deals or by having the government buy the crap that their relatives or their mistresses could not sell at the flea market.

Elaine said...

I just created some art, free public art, for all to enjoy.

My sunflowers, which are wilting on the stalk, are now ghosts. I took some white plastic bags, that will soon be outlawed, tied them over the heads of my giant now dead sunflowers. With black magic marker, I made the most terrifying ghost faces.

I plannted them around one of those new fancy city street lights, and the glow will make them all the more eery. The wind is gently blowing them, and they look really, really spooky.

It is creative art, with a most adoring audience. I have had ten children awe struck, and wanting to stay up past dark when the glow of the city lamp post will make them come alive.

Free of charge, folks. Help yourself to my creativity.

MapMaster said...

Put some fancy academic art lingo in that comment and you've got yourself a grant proposal, Elaine!

Elaine said...

I consider my main inspiration to be the traditional cultures of the gamine hillybilly, but my real life tapestries are also created around images from daily life and natural environments of London living.

....that gotta be worth a couple of quid, to some dummy in a suit.

Elaine said...

Now talking about pitting one hood against the other in the creative living art department....

Study urges safe drug-user sites-lfp

I can see the new Soho district and Old East going for each others throats vying to have that exclusive gem set up in their hoods. Those are the two top contenders for the ghettoization of the drug culture. The Kipps lane area coming in a close third with the Intercommunity Health centre recently purchasing that hood for a box of granola bars and juice boxes. The parents in that area are too lazy to fed their own children.

"I see it as the government being complicit in the drug trade," said Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen, who sits on the council committee. "For the government to be complicit in that kind of activity is wrong." -lfp

We know the socialist cabal on city council will want to feed Paul Vandeman to the lions for that statement. The cruel uncaring bastard.

Other councillors said the problem has grown too big for a city such as London and something needs to be done.

Safe injection sites "are one means to end the problem," said Coun. David Winninger. "It is a controversial issue."

But if the sites help reduce the problem of needles strewn throughout the city's core, the tax dollars will be "extremely well spent."

The only question, he said, is where to put the sites.-lfp

sites? as in more than one? share the wealth? You would think totally destroying one community per city would be enough for any city council.

I can tell you where to put it David Whinger, you can shove it up your ass. We all know it won't be going beside your home, or place of business.

Elaine said...

A little socialist trick that the lucky hood that will be chosen to house the the safe injection site(s) should be aware of.

Comb the school playgrounds and parks around your hood this very day. Time is of the essence. Do this for the next month or so.

If in a months time you find a large increase happening, you could be the lucky winner of your own neighbourhood safe injection site.

Not to worry the needles are just discarded new needles, most of them will be with the sharps removed, or encased. A quick test at the health center will verify this for you.

The number of needles found will increase as the funding dollars are getting closer to the gatepost.

It is best the needles are found by small school age children, that increases the funding and panic factor.

You will know your hood is chosen by which ever schoolyard has the most needles.

Get out there before the socialist, if you want to want to save your hood from being destroyed by their cunning sweetness and caring.

Just a few of their tricks I learned along the way.

Barry MCLARTY said...

They better not put it downtown in the Soho district. Now that I am the ambASSador for all things creative in London, there is no goddam way I will allow them to put it beside our new Performing Art's Center.