Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If a singer sings a song outside a performing arts center does anyone hear?

Frank le Fou has been dreaming the dream shared by so many of London's artistic community, and has put his wish to song.


Performing Arts Center mp3


Mike said...

Awesome! That is worth at least $5000.

Where did you get your funding from to make this, and how did you survive as a member of the artistic community before The Cheque arrived?

Frank le Fou said...

Unfortunately, I've had to work at a 9-5 job for the last several years. This song was composed between shifts and during my break times.

I must admit, my artistic sensibilities have been suffering greatly, having had all my energies focused on menial tasks required to make a living while standing shoulder to shoulder with the philistines at my day job.

I just know that this center will put London on the map as far as the performing arts go. I look forward to the day when a center will be built which can sustain London's performing arts community by providing a venue for valuable artistic talent to perform, and a city slush fund to encourage others like me to leave their day jobs and become full time artists!

I know too many artists who must suffer the humiliation of the 9-5 work world.

Elaine said...

The thought of an artist perhaps dammaging his hands, or poking out an eye by answering phones in a call center has me rethinking my hard ass stance.

What is 50 or 60 million of taxpayer money towards something that will bring a couple of hundred people in London, pure joy?

Anonymous said...

London currently has several performing arts centres, including the Aeolian Hall, Centennial Hall, the JLC (RBC Theatre), Alumni Hall and the Grand Theatre.

If someone's got a show to put on, one of these venues can handle most performances.

Elaine said...

...and there is that guy who is spending his own money at the Imax theatre to turn it into a mini performing arts center. I was in there years ago, and it is sort of neat looking place. It is just down the street from the Aeolian hall, but with it being in the WFA fortress there would be less chance of being propositioned by a pimp or hooker.

I can't recall how many people it could seat, but I am sure the acoustics would be wicked. They had a top of the line sound system put in.

I would go and see a musical performance there. They might as well do something with the place.

I am thinking, if that doesn't go, they could move city council meetings there. Lots of room for an audience. We could throw a picnic table, and some plastic lawn chairs on the front stage for council to plunk their asses in.

basil said...


Of course we have those old places but we need somewhere new! Somewhere that says we're $52 million city.

Mr. Schnabel said...

On the street with a mini amp and tarp for run drops.

City that Performance.

Lisa said...

Mr. Schnabel:

A permit is required for such activities. Contact city hall for the by-law package of allowable creative endeavors.