Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rainy Day, Dream Away

The crowds get smaller every year. The honks from passing cars were intermittent, to put it nicely. But for those who were into listening to Department of Defence statistics in the rain, it was an educational and empowering time.

Yesterday in Victoria Park, London's peace movement gathered. Here in London, long as I remember, it is traditional for rain to fall on Days of Action designated by the Canadian Peace Alliance. Approximately 350,000 Londoners did not care to attend. That left about 150 of us to gather under the spitting clouds for a message of peace. Despite the red flag and the rain that nobody knew how to stop, it wasn't all five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains. Just a little bit.

The speakers included local sound poet Penn Kemp, who performed "A Poem for Peace" and "Turn Your Back On Bush".

Then, NDP MP Irene Mathyssen reminded us of the fact that the First World War was then known as the war to end all wars, and that our current problems are a result of forgetting that we already decided that we already fought the last war ever, ever. As the rain intensified from drizzle to medium drizzle, London lawyer Ed Corrigan read from an Excel spreadsheet, and Megan Walker brought the depth.

Especially interesting were a couple of AWOL soldiers from the US, who gave short talks about their experiences. One had bailed out of training and into Canada when he discovered that the artillery job he'd signed up for earlier this year had turned into infantry assignment. The other fellow left, if I recall, because he couldn't bring himself to go back to combat. These stories reminded me of a Toronto-based deserter acquaintance named Phil. Phil had served in Iraq, and was counting the small number of days until his discharge. At the last minute his service was extended, so he came to Toronto.

The complaints of two of the three were the same: they signed up for one thing, but were forced into something else. One would conclude that more recruitment would help to improve those conditions and make it easier to put individuals into their desired roles, or no role. Yet at the same time, recruiters are to be removed from schools. Also present was a high school student who got school administrators -- known for their mindless obedience to the spread of American imperialism -- to back down from exercising their judgment in the face of unwanted publicity raised by his group, "SNARL". I'm too lazy to link right now, but he spoke of his recent counter-demonstration against military recruiters in his school.

The stories of the deserters and the push to get rid of recruiters do not add up well together.

One highlight of the show was a surprise appearance by George Bush, the President of the United States, who directed the puppet strings of a burka-clad Stephen Harper. The Evil One's cruel demands were met with the most slavish obedience. Bush then revealed himself to be social science professor David Heap in a mask. Having dropped those awful puppet strings of displacement, Heap then picked up a real set and began to lead the crowd in chants. It was a bittersweet irony for those lacking hooks on the backs of their wrists.

No confirmation or disconfirmation yet of whether that actually was Stephen Harper under there. I suppose it would have been a bit whorish to take that thing off in public.

So ended the show, and the rain, for a while.


Elaine said...

Democracy or else? or else what? They going to start a war? idiots. What would they do? go on a hunger strike? Saddam did that and he still swung.

ewwwwwwww, that first
speaker creeped me out. Betty Davis on steroids.

We all have observed Walker's version of peace. She must have forgetten her efforts to torch Burghardt, fry Haskett, lick May, with a false brochure, perjure Pearson, during the London North Centre byelection, where she got her ass kicked to the curb. Not so long ago.

Corrigan, who cares? He doesn't make any sense, never has, and never will.

Heap, just another sniveling coward from acadamiea, who counts on brave men and women to save his ass. He knows he can act like a complete fucking idiot, and he will be still be taken care of. They teach them that at school.

All in all it looks like it was just another day for the theatre of weak fools.

Elaine said...

Mike, I got a feeling the burka boy could have been our very own Gestapo Gil.

They would need to keep Gestapo Gil, within hands reach, so to speak. Forcing Gestapo Gil to wear a burka would hinder his peripheral vision. Making Gestapo Gil dance on a string, and look at him, more than likely was a necessary form of peace activism religious control. Maybe you should be thanking Heap for protecting you from harm.

Maybe they decided they had better keep him busy so he wouldn't be trying to harass blue-eyed fair skinned people, wearing poppies, at the park this year.

Think about it. No one tried to stop you from videotaping the event. You know if Gestapo Gil was let off the leash, it could have got ugly.

basil said...

Cool tank!

Anonymous said...

"Democracy or else? or else what? They going to start a war?"

ahhh, Somebody doesn't get it... At all.

Elaine said...

I get it Barry. It was the peacenicks trying to suggest that democracy doesn't come at the end of a barrel.It does though. When you fight the dragon, you become the dragon.

The whole demonstration was one of antagonizing, knowing they were protected by the good dragon. The freedom they take for granted, spit on even, does not concern the strong. They know there are those amongst us that will always be feeble, and need to be protected.

If you don't become dragon, you become the ashes. Toss up between the dragon or dust. I take the dragon.

The demonstrations are not effective. It is not peace they want, it is power. Power they can never have, because they are weak, and ineffective.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Adolf!

Seig Heil Seig Heil!

Elaine said...

I kill trees too, when they get in my way. I put the old copper spike of death into them.

Make sure you pass that on to the pacifist wussy glowtardian cult you hang with.

I prefer it when they hide when they see me coming their way.

When it time for me to take over the world, I want you cowards trained.

Elaine said...

Hey lefty glowtaridans, you know how you guys like to suck on the knobs of oppressive barbaric countries leaders.

You just got to be impressed with Harper hooking up with the Dali Lama. That is pretty well telling China to go fuck itself.
That trial run at poisoning our pets was the last straw I guess.

For all the bravado of the left, and their pussy leaders, they are nothing but a bunch of cowardly ass kissers.

Watch what a real leader, with balls can do.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, you da baddest Nazi simpleton in da land ...

You got us pinkos just a shiverin' and a shakin' in our boots ...

If everyone on da right was slobberin' stupid as you, we wouldn't need to hone our debating skills ...

You a bad mutha, no doubt ...

Just don't bitch-slap me, missus, or I'll have to put da sleeper hold on ya ...

Elaine said...

Barry, I thought you pansy assed pacifist were all non-violent like.

I was counting on not having any resistance when I take over the world. I don't mind if you cry, and hump the trees on your way to the work camps, but don't be getting any ideas on resisting your rightful destiny.

Mike said...


From this moment forward, you will not drool on my posts with your boomer feud. Further iterations from either of you, Butch (if it is you who is lame enough to be Anonymous now), or Elaine, will be deleted or silently edited.