Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Now this is a Creative City!

Community and Protective Services Committee last night received a study from city staff suggesting it would cost taxpayers $15 million over 5 years, including $5 million from local taxpayers, to set up safe drug injection sites "to fix a growing drug problem in London's core," according to the London Free Press. Coun. David Winninger contends that the tax dollars will be "extremely well spent" to reduce the number of needles found downtown. If masking the appearance of a "growing drug problem" is the fix, then hiring a few extra street cleaners downtown should be a much cheaper solution. But who requests these studies?

Aside from littered needles, what suggestion is there anywhere that safe injection sites provide any sort of fix to the problem of drug use? If drug users cannot provide a safe site on their own, it is because their kind of drug use is inherently unsafe, clean needles or otherwise, both to themselves and others. What possible benefit is there to the public in concentrating drug users to licensed ghettoes of loutishness, dissolution, dependence and misery, then?

If there is any benefit to safe injection sites, it is a political one for acclimatizing the public to the results of fashionably progressive welfare-state programs that promote the disregard of the consequences of choices for oneself and others. If the city should proceed with the idea, however, the downtown is at least already a safe site for hoodlums, vagrants and pan-handlers, so that the accumulation of additional unintended consequences should prove only a minor concern.

Update, October 17: Safe drug injection sites are not being "actively considered," according to Ross Fair, London's Community Services Manager. They're just being inactively considered instead, one must suppose, in the form of a council-commissioned study and a public meeting on Nov. 26. It's good to see city staff and politicians so hard at work for no active purpose.


Elaine said...


I knew the slimy socialist have been working on this one for a number of years. I wonder which dummy will get their ass reamed for this.

"Drug injection sites dismissed

Wed, October 17, 2007


hahahahahaha, ooops! the socialist cabal and their troops let the cat out of the bag much too quickly.

da dummies must have forget there is a federal election on the horizon, and they might as well not even run anyone on the left here in London, if a safe injection site is the only thing they will be serving up to the voters.

See how fast they reeled that back in? like it wasn't even on their agenda.

We need to make it an election issue for the London-North center riding, because that is where the left plan on sitting it up. I know the residents of Old East London are not overly bright, but I don't believe they are that dumb that they will welome a safe injection site as the prize for voting for the left.

Anonymous said...

We already have a "safe injection site" in London, it's called Horton and Wellington.

Elaine said...

I can't stop laughing. Two of the coveted areas for a safe injection site by the socialist will be Judy Bryant's ward, in the Soho district with its big monster drug addict warehouse, and Joni Bachelor's ward where the methadone clinic is set up.

Joni and Judy, the simpleton socialists, will be smiling saying what a nice thing to have in our city to help drug addicts, but it would be more suited for Councilor Orser's ward EOA.

Orser is going to have the fight of his life against the socialist cabal. At least this time the Old East community will have warning. They usually just sneak this crap into Old East without community consulation.

If I were Orser, I would be getting business and people in the community of Old East together to nip that asinine idea in the bud. The law abiding residence and business in the area need to get a lawyer to start a class action suit against the city for neglect, by allowing the ghettoziation of social agencies whose mandate is to cater to the drug culture.

Put it on public record that the community of Old East is not interested in feeding, clothing, housing, wiping their asses, buying drugs, needles etc, for the drug culture of London, and surrounding areas.

eng said...

If masking the appearance of a "growing drug problem" is the fix, then hiring a few extra street cleaners downtown should be a much cheaper solution.

That might be a little cheaper. The cheapest solution, of course, is this:

a)put out these trial balloons about a safe injection site

b) then let mad-as-a-balloon elaine flip out that there will be needles planted all over the place to show there is a problem

c) let paranoid elaine pick up the supposedly planted material to thwart the supposed injection site plan

d) give nutty elaine protective gloves just in case one of the planted needles is from some aids infected addict

e) tell crazy elaine to take all the found needles to someplace where they can be disposed of as if they are hazardous medical waste, just in case some of them actually are.

Gives elaine something to do, and cuts the cost from millions to the cost of some gloves. Elaine, as a true believer will continue to do this for free to save us from the socialists.

It's a win-win!

Elaine said...

eng, did I thwart your plan? Nothing like shining the light on parasites to piss them off.

The trial ballon was let go a wee bit too early eh? hahahahaha

You guys have been working on bringing a safe injection site to London since the 90's.

I keep thinking, the stupid people lving in Old East will eventually say enough is enough, but you got a chance to sit up there beside the Unity house. Could it get better than that? Your own little junkie village. You could be like king, King Che.

I suggest you hook up with the Old East Village no business association. They are forever looking for another geared to the junkie social agency director to set on their executive board.

I would even suggest you seek out the blessing of the not overly bright Old East Village Community Association. Another group of dummies who truly believe organic wormy apple stands, crack whores and their pimps make for a warm welcoming and prosperous hood.

Elaine said...

I forgot, I heard Gordo the blowtard on the radio earlier. He was going on about his beloved waste money of the taxpayer performing art's center.

Gordo got it all figured out. He is going to be sneaking the money from all four pockets of our pants, and making it look like it cost us nothing.

25 percent from the federal government, 25 from the provincial, 25 from the city and the other 25 from stupid people in London who will gladly give it to him, just because they need someplace to go to pretend they sophisticated and cultured.

I love the creativity of the vampires when they want to spend taxpayer money on stupid stuff, and they make it look like it is coming from places other than the taxpayer's pants pocket.

The same pair of pants there Gordo, just different pockets you are picking.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I was having a coffee in the Cafeteria at City Hall the other day.

Sitting a table over were four members of City Council who shall remain nameless. And no, none of them were members of "The Killer Bees." It was three males and one female.

Anyway, your name came up for some reason as they kept mentioning the "retarded hillbilly broad from the east end. The constant complainer with a brain the size of chick pea."

One council member asked, "Is that crazy dingbat still alive? I thought she either died or was in the LPH."

The conversation was interjected with mucho laughing.

So it's true, Elaine. You do offer some comic relief to the citizens of London. You do have a purpose in life: To make us all laugh at your insanity.

Ever thought about being a stand-up comic?

Elaine said...

So Butch, what were you doing down at city hall? Practising your ambASSording kissassording skills?

That just breaks my heart that any of those councilors at city hall wouldn't like me.

Perhaps you could put a good word in for me when you are bent over kissing one of their asses whilst practising your abASSording skills.