Sunday, October 14, 2007

Never mind the broken promises…

…look out for four more years of broken windows.

Andrew Coyne excerpts from a September Canadian Press report:

"Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory is taking an old-fashioned, ideological approach to spurring Ontario's economic growth by promising to cut taxes, Premier Dalton Mc-Guinty said Saturday ... McGuinty trumpeted his own pledge of $1.15-billion over the next year in direct grants to corporations that promise to create jobs ? 'You can't just do as Mr. Tory is proposing, which is old-fashioned, kind of a Conservative ideological approach to helping the economy, which is to simply cut taxes and sit on your hands,' he said. 'You can't just cut taxes and hope every-thing's going to work itself out. You've got to bring some money to the table.' "
During socialism's early twentiety-century heyday in America, venture capitalism was accused by labour and progressives of intervening in tax policy to lower taxes for its own economic benefit. In today's Ontario, tax policy is protected through an ecumenical compromise between labour, progressives and large manufacturers to venture handouts from tax revenues for guaranteed financial and political returns instead of economic opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

Is too early to nominate someone for next year's Nobel Peace Prize?

The day after the election, I heard on my radio that Premier McGuinty would make it a priority to give everyone in Ontario a new statutory holiday in February, called "Family Day". What an incredibly generous man, to give millions of workers a paid holiday, just like that. Two billion dollars handed to the citizens of this province for doing absolutely nothing. Obviously money means nothing to this man, but human kindness and generosity mean everything.

And if that wasn't enough, shortly afterwards I heard it reported that at his victory party, a man was asked why he was celebrating McGuinty's re-election. Why, the man said, I'm here because when I was told that I had wait for months to get an MRI, I phoned McGuinty's office and he bumped me right to the head of the line.

A waiting list of many months turned into an immediate MRI simply with a phone call! It brings tears to my eyes thinking of the magnificent selflessness that motivates this man. Surely there are no problems in Ontario - or the world - which could not be solved if only more of our leaders would emulate Premier McGuinty. It is his stupendous generosity which moves me to nominate him for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. Please join me in my campaign.