Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marc Emery Documentary on CBC

Tonight, at 10 PM, CBC Newsworld will feature a documentary about Greatest Londoner short-lister and friend of the Fog, Marc Emery.

Marc's un-Canadian methods may, ironically, get him removed to an un-Canadian correctional facility. Although I usually find myself disagreeing with his evaluation of... well, virtually every issue apart from his main one, Marc is a good man, with emphases on both words. This is a guy who has built business after business, employed many scores of people, and used the businesses as platforms to fight counterproductive laws and run far out projects. Two small examples: City parking meters were driving Christmas shoppers away from downtown London, so City Lights hired a guy to dress in a Santa suit and take rolls of quarters around, looking for expired meters to top up and driving parking enforcement mad; when the garbage union went on strike, they rented trucks and picked up garbage in the neighbourhood, explaining that there was no need for unionized garbagemen. Of course an entrepreneur looks for publicity and influence, but the relentlessly libertarian, individualist nature of these projects makes them a cut above bringing Hall and Oates to the JLC or donating to the Party.

Entrepreneurship and activism for sensible causes are two things Canada needs more of; it will be a sad waste if he is taken.

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