Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In today's "D'yuh think?" section of the Free Press…

Londoners told it would cost $55 million to build a performing arts centre should expect to pay more, say those who run centres in Edmonton, Mississauga and Brampton.

Continue reading here … not that it will give the slightest pause to the Creative Cities Putsch.


Jake said...

Are you fucking kidding? The Free Press had to consult other cities to find out that a PAC is a financial money pit? The editors at the Freeps are either people who have brains made of tapioca or they were just doing this article to fill space.

Elaine said...

The plundering putsch better think again. If letters to the editor in the free press are any indication of what people in this city think about wasting money on a pac, it won't even get off the draft table.

For once I would like to see the free press do a poll which would illicit an honest response.

example: Are you willing to pay more taxes, and cut back our essential services so Biff and Muffy can go listen to chamber pot music every other weekend at the new pac?