Sunday, October 28, 2007

"I'm saying, don't fix it, period. Because in Canada things are rarely as broke before we fix them as they are afterwards."

George Jonas submits a response to the week-long challenge posed by the National Post to its writers.

"Once you needed money to see a doctor. Today you don't. What you need is time. Patience. Pull. Or enough money to go to the United States.

"In the 1950s, not enough people had diplomas. Today not enough people can spell 'diplomas' who have them.

"In the old days we had no Charter. Now we do. What we no longer have is rights and freedoms.

"Today we have commissions of social engineering, called 'human rights commissions.' They're to guard us against human rights, such as free speech. Or imprudent speech, like saying Merry Christmas in mixed company.

"Old Mr. Eaton would be in for a surprise today if he wanted to forbid smoking in his department store. Or permit it. The decision would no longer be his. He could put that in his pipe and smoke it.

"Thirty years after prime minister Trudeau declared that the state had no business in the bedrooms of the nation, we must tell the state about our love lives to register a hunting rifle. A nation of explorers and couriers de bois evolved into a bleating flock of SIN-branded and photo-ID'd sheep.

"Being unfair to women ought to have been easy to remedy: we could have started being fair to them. Instead, we tried fixing the problem by being unfair to men. Enchanted with 'equality,' we decided to treat vice and virtue equally, at least in the case of spouses, and brought in no-fault divorce.

"We embraced reverse discrimination as self-righteously as we once embraced discrimination. The best thing I can say for the result is that it improved the looks of our governors-general, if not necessarily their reading skills.


Fenris Badwulf said...

Ah, collectivism!

Its breathtaking in its boldness and how it turns strong men into mush, and how I love the tinkle of the coins that flow into my grasping hands. Indeed, its all about money. Make your money, mine, today. Who needs talent when you can make 'em cry? Muahahhaha

I love you.

eng said...

I think he needs to be more right wing. He's got a chance to get back with Babs after she's blown all of Conrad's money (Whenever Conrad is sentenced plus three months), but George has to have the cojones.

Here he sounds like a grumbler. He needs to sound radical, if he ever hopes again to feel the whip when Babs "dresses up" for the evening.

marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

This is so true the charter make all kinds of guarantees but say Christmas and you freedom of thought is out the window. Say you don't want to do business with homosexuals and face a 100k fine even though the cherry picked charter gives you the right of freedom of association. But not if you are Christian.

Course when Muslims do that there is no fine.

Great post Lisa!