Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Comes to London Ontario


Downtown London is without power after a water main burst early this morning causing a pool-sized sink hole at a major intersection in the downtown core. London's aging infrastructure hasn't been a priority here, as city council prefer to spend taxpayer money on facades, rather than substance.

On the bright side, it's going to cost a lot of money to repair the damage, so maybe the city can resolve two issues in one go by transforming the hole into an underground Performing Arts Centre. Frank Le Fou would be the ideal performer for the grand opening ceremonies.



Elaine said...


They just have to give Frank Le Fou air time tomorrow on the radio!

This is going to cost us sooooooo much money, we might as well get a good laugh out of it.

If they won't play it here, ship it off to Woodstock, St. Thomas, or Cambridge radio stations.

I think they should send in forensics. I got a feeling some stupid-son-of-a- bitch ordered the manhole covers be bolted down;hence the big collapse.

I think if I lived down there, I would be wanting to go and visit a friend, out of town until they made sure it was safe.

Lisa said...

But think of the energy savings! Al Gore would approve. Future blackouts should be accompanied by sink holes to teach us the errors of our ways.

Mike said...

They just have to give Frank Le Fou air time tomorrow on the radio!

Wish granted!

You will most certainly hear Frank Le Fou on CHRW 94.9 FM tomorrow morning between 8:30-9:00.

Jake said...

This is going to cost the city millions to fix.

In Vaughan last year, they had a huge sinkhole at a major intersection and it was closed for three months. It killed business for local stores.

Downtown will be dead as a doornail till February folks.

Elaine said...

"We need support from other levels of government," said Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best.-lfp

"We have designated resources to get a head start on that (infrastructure renewal). (But) it would make a more significant impact if other levels of government realized without their help, these types of situations will occur."-lfp

Said Gerry Macartney, head of the London Chamber of Commerce: "These are the prices we pay as a city, as a province, as a country for largely ignoring the infrastructure needs all these many years." -lfp

So they knew the downtown was rotting under our feet, and no one at city hall thought it was a priority to fix it?

It is pretty dangerous situation, with the amount of cars that have to drive through the downtown area to go to other places. If that area collasped, you can bet your booties there are many others downtown ready to let go.

If I was working on the sewers down there, I would be thinking twice about climbing down the ladder.

mariposa said...

Yep, it's other levels of government that need to pony up.

What the mayor really means is, "We have more important things to spend our money on - like fake trees and safe injection sites for criminals. We can't be expected to pay for our own infrastructure too (whine, cry)."

I can just hear it coming now, echoes of David Miller, threatening tax increases unless the feds and the province hand over some cash.

eng said...

Don't they get insurance to cover this kind of thing?

Joe Molnar said...

Londoners should require all Mayors and councillors newly elected take a mandatory course of civic administration from Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississuaga before being allowed to make one decision on London administration/by-laws.
Your Mayor sounds like lefty David Miller in Toronto.
Blame everyone but themselves for shitty roads and infa-structure, while dreaming of crystal chandeliered concert halls.

Mr. Schnabel said...

Long live Le Fou and his telepathic energies.

Reg said...

Pothole City! Man, I love that tune.

mariposa said...

Don't they get insurance to cover this kind of thing?

I don't think insurance would cover it if the cause is lack of maintenance on the part of the city. I would think an insurance company would argue that the city has a duty to maintain, yada yada yada.

But I could be wrong...

Elaine said...

If they are smart, the businesses will cut their losses and run.

No new business is going to take the chance on moving down there, for fear of sinking. It will take the city years to complete the work needed. Anyone with any business sense knows the ongoing disrubtion will mean lack of business, for the business.

City council should just create a new downtown. Somewhere they know the shit pipes can handle the traffic. There actually are many downtowns in London.

You can spot a downtown London anywhere there is a Williams coffee shop. They tend to have business smarts, and will set up shop where there are people. A new one going up on Highbury and Huron.

They might have a wicked time getting anyone to pay for parking in the new area they pick for downtown, but oh well.

Just leave the hole as a tourist attraction, and a reminder to the people of London what happens when you vote for idiots to run your city.