Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gimme an "R" Gimme an "E" Gimme a …

Sarah-Jean Krahn, a Master's student in the humanities in Hamilton, defends the relevance of Queer Theory from Robert Fulford's "pot-shot" in the National Post:

Ultimately, queer theory offers strategies of deconstruction to challenge the way dominant discourses stratify society, to identify and break down the binary oppositions implicit in dominant modes of thought, which have implications for challenging the inner workings of a heterosexist, sexist social system.

The critical voices emerging from studies in the humanities are most concerned with relevance: relevance to humanity and to society; to promote self-criticism and self-reflection; to question, to challenge, to imagine. At the crux of any project in the humanities is the question of the relationship between knowledge and power. Mr. Fulford's column is an example of attempted censorship of an entire discipline; questions arise as to who owns knowledge and who should decide which knowledge is important.
At the expense of $319-million-a-year in Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) grants, there's a whole pile of relevancies "to question, to challenge, to imagine" … except, apparently, the relevance to taxpayers of the humanities' pursuit of relevance. But what do we know anyway? We're not being paid to question, challenge or imagine, so there's no need for us to imagine as keenly that Krahn might be defending her scholarship and grant opportunities as she imagines that criticism is an "attempted censorship of an entire discipline."


Elaine said...

Mr. Fulford's column is an example of attempted censorship of an entire discipline; questions arise as to who owns knowledge and who should decide which knowledge is important.-Sarah-Jean Krahn

Well Sarah, I can answer that one for you, if the public is paying for it, we own it.

I could have saved your buddy a whole whack of wondering on his queer superman theroy. The guy wears tights, under a speedo....what is that telling you?

It is hard to believe the money wasted on useless research by lazy people.

MapMaster said...

Speaking of money spent on uselessness, have you submitted your Creative Cities grant application yet?

Elaine said...

I didn't yet, but I know I could. I was privy on a few scams....I mean community grants given out for useless...I mean needed social programs in the hood.

Easy enough to do, make a name up...I don't know something sad like....Starving children's art project of Old East London.

Get a charitable number, or just make one up. Not like there is any accountabilty or results expected. That would take the fun out of the scams...I mean grants.

Borrow a couple of scrawny kids with bad haircuts and missing teeth. Give them a broken crayon, a broken down cardboard box as a canvas, and snap a picture.

Voila! grant granted!

MapMaster said...

I was reading last week in Alt-London how David Dimitrie got a Creative Cities grant to create an East London website that will include political commentary. I'm wondering what our chances are now…

…well, actually, I'm not really wondering. We're not experts on greasing wheels.

Elaine said...

There is scads of free money out there to be had by anyone with a violin and a crying towel.

Why don't you start approaching local business and selling them advertising on your site. You are a smart lad, come up with a business plan, and do a citywide blitz.

Make yourself some mullah the old-fashioned way, by working for it.

London fog does offer something the socialist rags in this city don't. First of all this site is not anti-business, that would appeal to the commercial sector of the city. I am sure the appeal would be wide, and refreshing.

Elaine said...

Start off with some freebies. This group consists of London business and labour coming together for a common goal called economic growth.

A working man's/woman's protest aimed at the socialist cabal on city council.

Give them some space on the page, and let them know you are doing it.


MapMaster said...

That's the plan of action for the next project…

Elaine said...


Province needs Arts for Children

...look some bastards stole my creative idea.

"Here is how it works. With an annual budget of $600,000 and a small staff, Arts for Children sends part-time arts educators (including musicians and painters) into schools and community centres in 13 areas designated by the City of Toronto and the United Way as "priority neighbourhoods."-Toronto star

let's see maybe $1000.00 for art supplies, the rest donated..... a small staff, maybe five, the rest dummy volunteers

...those socialist are making a freaking killing.

There seems to be so many creative ways the socialist can scam money out of the system. It truly is amazing.