Monday, October 8, 2007

Celebrating 40 years of one less commie

Che Guevara, the dead shining darling of insurgents across the globe, is arguably even more effective dead than alive. As I gaze upon the many Che t-shirts gracing our streets, I wonder if the cult that is Che would have ended in boredom should he have reached the rip old age of 79. Then again, Fidel Castro is nearly 83.

Fidel Castro insists Ernesto "Che" Guevara could never have been taken prisoner 40 years ago if his gun hadn't malfunctioned. But the retired Bolivian general who led the mission to capture him says the Argentine revolutionary was hardly a heroic figure in his final moments.

The man that Gen. Gary Prado remembers — sad, sick, hungry, dressed in rags and alone in the jungle — simply dropped his gun and surrendered, saying, "Don't shoot, I'm Che."

[..] "Why did they think that by killing him, he would cease to exist as a fighter?" Castro asked in 1997, when Guevara's remains were finally laid to rest in Cuba amid thundering cannons. "Today he is in every place, wherever there is a just cause to defend."
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Sonny Drysdale said...

Just another dead bald guy who looks cool in a beret.

Mr. Schnabel said...

and he has cool hair !