Friday, October 26, 2007

10/27: Saturday of Action

If it's the Saturday before Halloween, it must be protest time! And, sure enough, the Canadian Peace Alliance is back from Egypt. They're bringing with them a message of peace in our time, and they want everyone to learn about that perspective and the perspectives of their new friends.

On Saturday at 1 PM in Victoria Park, the Peace Alliance will demand that Canadian troops be pulled out of Afghanistan.

Don't believe what you read in the corporate newspaper or see on right wing TV news about these events, because they always leave out the most educational parts! To get the feeling and reach out for understanding, you really have to come on out, look, and listen. I did, last year, and I learned a lot about the different perspectives that are out there on the rights of man and the importance of listening to all the voices, even the silent ones.

Come on out and watch them have their say.


Elaine said...

Mike, I am hoping you get another great interview at the terrorist supporting parade.

Too bad they wouldn't allow those terrorist supporters from the states to cross the border. That must be a bummer.

Oh well at least they will have those cowardly US army deserters that London has welcomed in with open arms as guest speakers.

I don't know if there is any truth to the rumor, but word on the street has it, that the Ndp snagged Yvonne Ridley to appear as a guest speaker.

Mugs said...

Damn, have to take the youngest kid to horse riding lessons today, or I'd be there.

Mr. Schnabel said...

Ya. You're my favourite TV star.