Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You had me at Heil

"In World War II, America knew how to create effective propaganda.

"These days ... not so much. In fact, not at all. The only propaganda coming out of Hollywood these days is on the enemy’s side."

Both HT LGF.


Famous Quotations said...

I am going to nominate your blog for a Blog of the Day Award.

Anonymous said...

So, whaddya think - is Ahmedinejad's obvious derangement a good enough excuse for bombing Iran's infrastructure flat and killing a few hundred thousand Iranian civilians with bombs and sanctions? Or should we make a few cartoons with Bugs Bunny killing buck-toothed Persian sand devils first, just to be safe?

Mike said...

Anonymous, what prompted that particular outburst?

Persians in general are neither buck-toothed nor "sand devils", whatever that might mean.

You clearly haven't met many people from there, and you know nothing of the country's geography. You would have more grounds to call Canadians "ice demons", since only one fifth of Iran is desert.

Racism is dumb. Please take such content to another website.

Elaine said...

The NDP’s attempt to undermine President Karzai’s integrity shows once again its willingness to say anything as it opposes Canada’s commitment to the United Nations and NATO to help Afghanistan,” Dan Dugas said in an e-mail note.-np

This is our enemy within Canada, the appeasers of the terroristis. The ndp party that would sell us out to the highest bidder, for a taste of power. This we must fear, this we must fight.

mariposa said...

The NDP really seem to hate civilized Afghans and love murdering terroists - the Taliban. I can't figure out what makes those idiots (NDP) tick, and I don't think I really want to.

Anonymous said...


The sound of irony going far, far over mike's head. Or maybe it was the sound of a b-52 headed for Persia.

Elaine said...

Let me see, a choice of nuking, or being nuked? I understand, that is a hard one for the left.

It would be the polite thing to do....you know let the sawed off evil little fucker take out a few cities in the states.

Putting your leftardness aside though, are you going to be standing ready with your catcher mitt Annon?

Mike said...


I get it now. You think it's "cool" to perpetuate outmoded racial stereotypes from 65 years ago, and that it's somehow "totally rad" to apply them to a completely different nation. But it's just stupid. Once you meet a few people from Persia you will realize that they're just like you and me.

It's sad to realize that, in 2007, there are people who still take their attitudinal clues from the world's most notorious antiyosemite, Bugs Bunny.