Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where do I send in my application?

Controller Gina Barber told Board of Control yesterday that "London should follow the lead of Woodstock and appoint an integrity commissioner," according to the London Free Press. That's a pretty frank — and expensive — admission from a politician that politicians can't be trusted left to their own devices. As commenter Elaine notes:

It is going to cost Woodstock a $10,000.00 annual retainer fee, plus $250.00 an hour if the Integrity Commissioner has to move his ass from chair A to chair B.
More importantly, especially considering that voters now have to wait four years between municipal elections, it is an admission that the reach of politicians extends so far and in so many directions that the electorate has no practical way to gauge the ethical practices and conflicts of its representatives any longer…

…which is a poor prospect, since the most proper function of democracy is to guard the guardians. Ethics and integrity are such friable and contestable subjects that they can only be contained in the population, not in the hands of one "expert." Not even the courts have been able to get a regular handle on them. But if the City must persist in designating a ghost-buster office, surely it could save money simply by arming a regular staff member with an exorcism manual instead.


Honey Pot said...

It is bad enough they have Joyce Burpee on payroll who was unsucessful at ruining a man's life with a false allegation. The taxpayer then are forced to pay another male human rights watchdog to cover up the gender bias hiring practises of members of the socialist cabal on city council.

No doubt there is a friend of the socialist cabal at city hall who wants a tidy little sum for doing nothing in their golden years, and Gina is itching to give it to them.

I can hear the whine tonight, "Woodstock and Toronto have one, and we should have one too. If they can have expensive dust collectors, why can't London?"

Gina, did you ever once stop to consider the taxpayer money you want to waste on your asinine pet projects could go towards doing something good for the city? Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps a city councilors job was to look out for the best interest of its citizens?

Gina, wasting money on hiring someone to shut down any debate you don't like on council, because you haven't got what it takes to be an effective member, is a great big waste of taxpayer money.

So Gosnell called you a member of the socialist cabal, you are, so suck it up.

Fenris Badwulf said...

I want the job.

My experience in telemarketing, used car sales, and small-job electrical construction makes me the ideal candidate.

Nobody has every questioned my integrity. My moral standards are as tasty as canned pizza.

Honey Pot said...

You will have to take a number Fenris, because Svend Robinson is coming back to Canada, and he will need an overpaid do-nothing made to order socialist job.

The only reason Gina and the socialist cabal want that Integrity thingmabob is because they can't handle the big boys. What a perfect weapon to weep their crocodile tears of harassment to. I just cringe everytime I hear Joanie whining that Tom is harassing her. That professional victim think she got going on is enough to gag a maggot.

Anonymous said...

An Integrity Commissioner is nothing more than a consultant. He's hired by council. He investigates what Council tells him to investigate. He reports to Council. He is paid by council. It's just another scam.

Here are a couple of excerpts from posts on Bender's Blog in Woodstock regarding the new Integrity Commissioner....
I'd hold off on the celebrating for a while.
Mr. Hunter will report to council. Council will decide what he investigates. Council authorizes his paycheck.
Let's not forget who Mr. Hunter will be working for.
Integrity Commissioner? More like a Credibility Commissioner.
Harding and his chums have used up all their credibility so they are renting someone who has credibility to spare (with more of our money.)
I'll give Mr Hunter the benefit of the doubt at this point and assume that he doesn't realize who has hired him or that he is lending his credibility to people who have squandered theirs.
The first problem he should look at is the procedure for bringing problems to his attention.
If you refer to the city website you will find that all submissions intended for the Integrity Commissioner must be delivered to the City Clerk. There is no guarantee or expectation of privacy here. Chances are a copy of your complaint will be read by any number of city officials (including the one you're complaining about)before the Integrity Commissioner ever receives his copy.
This is a joke. If, as you say, Mr. Hunter is of the highest character I hope he rectifies this situation as it does not reflect well on his own character or credibility.