Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Upcoming London Ontario Election Debates

Even if you don't intend to vote, watching our aspiring rulers argue over our collective fates can be entertaining, though it's much like riding a train that we know will eventually derail itself. You'll have to wait another four years in Ontario for the opportunity, so in case anyone in London still cares, some upcoming local debates are listed here.

Tuesday October 2nd - Wolf Performance Hall at the Central Library - 7 pm. Ridings of Elgin-Middlesex-London and London West

Thursday October 4th - Brescia Auditorium - Brescia University College, 1285 Western Road - 7pm. Ridings of London North Centre and London Fanshawe

Sponsored by Women Our Votes Count and the Institute for Women
Leadership, Brescia


Anonymous said...


October 2 - Saunders Secondary school (probably closed to students only: London West)

October 3 - Chelsea Park retirement community on Oxford Street (London West riding).

Former Londoner said...

I remember going to one of these as a student at Saunders in the late '70's. A federal debate, I think. Following the debate a group of students spent quite a while challenging the idiot Marxist-Lenninist candidate. His repeated slogan was, "Make the rich pay!!!" The students would not let him off the hook without a good tongue-lashing. I was impressed.

Where have they all gone?

Anonymous said...

This site does not load properly. It is not instant. It takes a few minutes for it to load. I have tried to load it from different computers in different places in Ontario and it is doing the same thing. Is anyone else having problems?

eng said...

It loads properly, but it loads at least 60 images and a dozen youtubes.

Many of the images come from "supersmallgallery.com" which could easily be a box in someone's rec room on a slow link.

MapMaster said...

I've deleted one script that often doesn't respond on time, and I'll look into the others.