Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tyrant digest

The Venezuelan government has broken the world record for the largest pot of soup. Considering the food shortages that have been plaguing the county, I'm betting the line for a taste of the ration was miles long:

The hulking stainless steel cooking pot, set up outdoors in downtown Caracas, contained about 15,000 litres of "sancocho" stew, Food Minister Rafael Oropeza said. That would dwarf the current record- holder listed on the Guinness World Records website, a pot of 5,350 litres of spicy soup prepared in Durango, Mexico, in July.

Oropeza called it "Bolivarian stew" - a play on the name of Chavez's socialist movement, named in honour of South American independence hero Simon Bolivar. He said it was enough to feed 60,000 to 70,000 people.

Workers stood on raised platforms stirring the soup with poles, and then dished out servings to a crowd at a state-run market.

It contained 3,000 kilograms of chicken, 2,000 kilograms of beef, plus tonnes of legumes and vegetables.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Robert Mugabe is drowning out the rumbling tummies of Zimbabweans with a debut song that is dominating the state controlled airwaves and apparently regarded as "as second only to the national anthem". Has anyone heard it aired on the CBC yet?
His country may be starving and the infrastructure collapsing, but the 83-year-old President, Robert Mugabe, has become an unlikely pop star in Zimbabwe.

The embattled leader's voice has been sampled on a new record called "Beitbridge" by an artist named Nonsikelelo, which state radio stations have been told to play.

The chart hit features parts of a speech Mr Mugabe made in the the small town of Beitbridge, near the South African border. With no hint of irony, the chorus has Mugabe saying, "Forward with developing Beitbridge", "Food to the people of Beitbridge", and "We don't want Beitbridge to lag in development. We are committed to the development of Beitbridge."

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Elaine said...

hahahahahahha....these people they are right out of their minds. Is there no one in those countries that can think...oh yeah. I forgot they kill the thinkers, best to be dumb, like the left here in Canada.

What will they be serving here, Dion dumplings and Layton lamb avec gutless gremblins?

Mark said...

Thieves of a feather...