Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Too late for an ounce of prevention

While the European Commission's reversal of its policy to force Britain to adopt metric measures exclusively is being celebrated as a victory for publicans and grocers, who will still be allowed to advertise in imperial units alongside their metric equivalents after 2009, it's a very shallow return on a lot of political investment in pints and pounds. Neither the Commission nor the British government are giving up even an ounce of their powers over the negotiation of common parlance and exchange among people — they're only deferring their use.

"We're not abolishing metric. We're just saying imperial can be used alongside metric," spokesman Ton van Lierop said.
How very civil of you.

A small grocery store here in London, Ontario that only posts prices per 100 grams lost my business a long time ago, but fortunately everyone else is still at least quite free to patronize the little vestige of Trudeaupian societal planning that they peddle. Bully for them and bully for all the rest of us too.