Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Representing the community, one piece at a time

Post from Monday, September 17 updated below…

City council will vote tonight on Board of Control's recommendation (PDF):

That the expenditure of up to $1,000 BE APPROVED for the placement of yellow ribbons supporting Canadian Troops on City-owned vehicles…
But, according to the London Free Press, at least a few councillors are opposed to the city government's implicit endorsement of a "partisan political statement." All fine and well, of course, but didn't Councillors Eagle, Winninger and Barber also approve the precedent when the council voted to fly the pride flag at City Hall earlier this summer, and at the tune of a $2,500 unsolicited donation to pride week organizers? Consistency may not have quite the status of a virtue, but it's regrettable that it appears to have no political utility at all.

But, of course, it's only a "political statement" if the sentiment doesn't coincide with the moral posturing of the progressive and socialist left.

See also: Alt-London
All in favour of God, Motherhood, Apple Pie, Canada, the Pursuit of Truth and Happiness, Ham and Eggs (avec toast) and Hot and Cold Running Water, stand up and say "Yay."
Update, September 18: By an 11-8 vote, council approved the measure after an "emotional debate," for crying out loud.
The ribbon proposal was brought by deputy mayor Tom Gosnell, who said it had nothing to do with politics.
… as political an assertion as anything else uttered throughout this brouhaha. Except for the occasional lapse, which is what all good journalists live for, everything politicians say and do in council is political.

Also: Alt-London backs the "eight council members [Barber, Armstrong, Baechler, Branscombe, Winninger, Eagle, Bryant and Usher] who refused to be cowed and showed the courage of their convictions despite the political risks involved."

Not to denigrate anyone's courage on anyone else's say-so, but were not these same eight councillors all among the majority who approved the rainbow flag precedent back in July? Was that courageous too, to take a completely opposing position then on "attempting to tell Londoners how to act and think" as now? Or is it just politics again?

Council digest bonus: Who wouldn't have wanted to be around at council Monday afternoon to watch the gratuitous nods of understanding as councillors tried to digest this "Assessment of climatic change impacts in the Upper Thames River basin: Results and implications" presentation given by Slobodan P. Simonovic of the Institute for Catastophic Loss Reduction (PDF).

Many pertinent questions were undoubtedly posed about the multiple assumptions built into the models used, expansive theme and methodology, as well as the Institute's pecuniary interests in other official interests in climate change… and by "many" I mean at least as many as in an undergraduate social science class. But councillors would have understood the conclusions with all too much ease:


Elaine said...

Hey I have been watching the by-elections in Quebec, looks like Dion is out and Bob Rae is the new leader of the official opposition.

Imagine that Conservatives winning one of those by-elections....in Quebec of all places. That is telling me lots.....and lots....and lots. That is the end of the liberal party, will take them ever to rebuild from that.

Elaine said...

Oh-oh the ndp on city council got their asses kicked last night. Not looking good for them. First it was their anti- economic growth stance, that had people shaking their heads, and now their anti-Canadian soldier stance will seal their fate.

They acted so taliban jackish, you would think he was in the room with them.

Gina Barber blubbering how the Canadian soliders liberated the Dutch, her homeland. I find it hard to believe anyone who knew what happened in second world war in Holland could have such an uncaring attitude towards the Afghanistan people.

You would think she would be grateful to the Canadian soliders, for trying to liberate Afghanistan.

That was then I guess, and this is now. Maybe Gina believes that if the Dutch could have just negotiated with Hitler, all would have been well.

David Whinner, well who cares what he thinks about anything.

Nancy Branscombe, the prototype for the movie Sybill.

Judy Bryant, Joni Bachelor "What about the flowers?!!!", non-contributors in the real world.

Bill Armstrong and Harold Usher....I bet there is no one in the city who even realizes they sit on council.

All and all it was a good ass kicking, and hopefully there will be more to come.

....looking in my crystal ball, I see a big one coming. The christians are coming with their flags...what will the ndp do on council? They have now been painted as anti-economic growth, traitors to their country, and now....well now they will have the label of the anti-christ.

hahahahahahahahahahha, can't wait for this one.

mariposa said...

I couldn't believe Gina Barber's comments either - so she was in favor of her own family being liberated by Canadians, but she's against providing the same to Afghanistan citizens???

Elaine said...

Barber is a just a tad confused. She belongs to that socialist cabal at city hall, and is card carrying ndp member.

You know the type, whine for the sake of whining. She just takes for granted her rights and freedoms. Barber a big feminist who would begrudge the females in Afghanistan the right to attend school, just so she can be accepted by the so called socialist cowards who are anti-everything that stands for freedom and democracy for anyone else, except them.

Just once it would be good to find a card carrying feminist in Canada, who had the balls to stand up for females globally, instead of pursuing their selfish self interest.

A pink book was thier last laughable endeavour. Only a fucking idiot female who still kept her barbies in her bedroom would take that serious.

Elaine said...

Talking about the yellow ribbons,and the unpatriotic cry of the socialist cabal at city hall who don't think what our soldiers do is worth spending a mere $1,000.00 on.

We wouldn't want to be taking any of our money from the pet projects of the socialist cabal, whose only joy is wasting money on their stupid pet projects.

Well I have talked to many people who would like to donate money to purchase them for the city vehicles. I think I will contact Orser today and see if he can set up a trust fund. Any money left over can be sent to our soldiers, who possess the strength and courage of their convictions.

I understand the socialist cabal can't get their heads around that, and I say fuck them.

mariposa said...

Alt-London "backs the eight council members who...showed courage"

courage??? courage??? Oh, the brave ones!

By all means, let's spend a small fortune bringing Argentinian artists here to paint a mural, because our own artists aren't good enough for this city.

Elaine said...

Not that Gina Barber and the socialist cabal on council, couldn't do with drinking about 20 gallons of integrity to replace the shit they are filled with....but whining for an Integrity Commissioner is not only redundant, but another complete waste of money.

We already have two useless human rights watchdogs keeping an eye on each other at city hall. They are paid great gobs of taxpayer money for doing sweet fuck all. Why add another useless pig to the trough?



London should follow the lead of Woodstock and appoint an integrity commissioner, Controller Gina Barber told board of control yesterday. Woodstock recently became the first municipality besides Toronto to appoint someone to the position to police the municipality's code of conduct. London city solicitor Jim Barber said staff is preparing a wider report on conduct and ethical practices. Controllers decided to wait until until that report is completed. -lfp

Woodstock city council has many things London doesn't have, like well paying jobs, economic growth, and a brain.

No doubt there is a socialist or two on Woodstock's council trying to fuck up their city also;hence the want of an Integrity Commissioner.

It is going to cost Woodstock a $10,000.00 annual retainer fee, plus $250.00 an hour if the Integrity Commissioner has to move his ass from chair A to chair B. Woodstock can well afford a handful of useless tits, London can't.

When I hear the socialist on council whine about child poverty, I could spit in their faces. Not just because of the money they waste on their stupid useless pet projects. Why do those stupid women, not realize that in order for people to provide for their children, they need jobs. REAL JOBS, not the jobs that stupid socialist women provide, such as people being their gardners, maids or changing their kids asses for $5.00 an hour.

We need people on council that are going to entice businesses that provide good paying jobs for this city, not that pack of socialist morons.

Butch McLarty said...

Honey Pot, you haven't received your annual rabies shot have you?

Come to daddy and he will give it to you.

And I've heard thru the grapevine that would let Jack Layton park his penny loafers under your bed any ol' time.

Is this true, Sugar Scoop?

Honey Pot said...

Oh look, a terrorist appeaser has come for a visit to London fog. Welcome Butch.

Naw.... taliban Jack is not my type. I like my men....to be manly. I have no use for cowardly political opportunist of taliban Jack's stripe.