Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rationing the Goods

The Mandatory Universal health care system envisioned by John Edwards seems dangerously close to the social experiment currently underway in the UK. The Nanny State of preventative care is alive and raging, and next to the food ration line, there is no better instrument than the NHS:

Patients who refuse to change their unhealthy lifestyles should not be treated by the NHS, the Conservatives said today.

In a bid to ease spiralling levels of obesity and other health concerns, a Tory panel said certain treatments should be denied to patients who refuse to co-operate with health professionals and live healthier lifestyles.

And those who do manage to improve their general health by losing weight and quitting smoking, for example, would receive "Health Miles" cards.

Points earned could then be used to pay for health-related products such as gym membership and fresh vegetables.

[..] "It is inconsistent with the concept of the responsible citizen to imagine that it is realistic for citizens, having paid their taxes, to expect that the state will underwrite the health implications of any lifestyle decision they choose to make," the report states.
From each to the State, no matter what, to each according to the level of compliance shown to the State.

cp: Dust My Broom