Friday, September 28, 2007

Political Pandering

Via Drudge, Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, contributes to green house gases by farting out a speech at a two day meeting in Washington with some of the worlds biggest farters:

She told representatives of 16 governments gathered for talks on climate change in Washington: “It is our responsibility as global leaders to forge a new international consensus on how to solve climate change . . . If we stay on our present path, we face an unacceptable choice: either we sacrifice global economic growth to secure the health of our planet or we sacrifice the health of our planet to continue with fossil-fuelled growth.”

[..] She said: “Every country will make its own decisions, reflecting its own needs and its own interests [and] tackle climate change in the ways that they deem best”.

The US also favours voluntary targets for cuts rather than legally binding commitments.
If it were truly a voluntary matter, the citizens of their respective countries would choose with their voluntarily spent dollar, sans governmental interference.

cp: The Broom