Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ontario Political Party Platforms 2007

The NDP appears to offer bite-sized, daily "Commitments" in lieu of a monolithic platform. If I'm wrong about that and they have a comprehensive platform document anywhere, please comment.


Elaine said...

I am waiting for the ndp to announce they are giving us three extra holidays a year, and a pony.

I always wanted a pony. It would be fun to ride down to the soup kitchens and hook up with everyone you know, who used to have a job.

elaine said...

Jumping jihad! Do you suppose the Greens have supernatural mind reading talents?

The glowtardians just announced 6 (six) extra holidays a year!!!!!

It is like their prophet Suzuki reached into my mind and took the thinking part, shook it hard, kicked the shit out of it, to make me want to vote for them.

...oh, and they also announced they will be destroying the economy.