Monday, September 3, 2007

The New Media

The Freedom Party of Ontario's YouTube channel is currently more popular than both the Progressive Conservative and Liberal ones.

"It is not too difficult to tell why Freedom Party does better on youtube", says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever. "In our videos, we talk about actual issues, and we compare our proposals with those made by the PCs and Liberals. All that one can find on the PC and Liberal channels is videos of a party leader standing at a podium promising a few million dollars to a small crowd of politically-organized looters and moochers. In many cases PC and Liberal videos serve as vivid examples of what is wrong with politics in Ontario.

"These results should give newspapers some second thoughts as well. Stories about Liberals exceed those about Tories, and stories that even mention FP are relatively rare. Yet, where FP is given a level playing field with those two parties, the public's appetite for what Freedom Party has to say about policy and governance is clear. If newspapers continue to strongly bias their election coverage in favour of parties that won seats in the most recent election, they may find their readers migrating to youtube and to political blogs that host youtube content from a wider range of political parties."
This is an especially critical time to reconsider the options available to the voting masses in this province. John Tory and Dalton McGuinty are virtually indistinguishable, though Tory is promising to increase spending on education, health care and free booze, at the same time as he promises to cut taxes. McGuinty on the other hand, is profiting from the pathetic Tory platform, which has effectively allowed him to get away with throwing a surplus of tax dollars around, including $1 million dollars to The Ontario Cricket Association, in hopes prospective voters will forget his numerous lies and mismanagement of other people's money.