Thursday, September 20, 2007

My rainbow flag clashes with your yellow ribbon

Gina Barber, on the ridiculous troop decal issue in the Sept. 19 issue of The Londoner:

"This is not about whether we support our troops or not. War is not a hockey game in which we root for one side. This is an effort to silence critics of the war."
Gina -- you don't "root for one side" (to use your childish analogy) even when one of the sides celebrates intolerance, sexism, imperialism, domestic violence, homophobia, and religious bigotry, and objects to Marxism and multiculturalism even more than I do?

As for me, I'm on our side.

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Elaine said...

How could you be so insensitive to the cultural norms of islam? To suggest there is something wrong with honour killing, female circumcision, and the killing of homosexuals for sport.

Who in the civilized world doesn't understand the need to oppress the females in Saudi Arabia, who want to drive. They don't need to be on the roads, out acting like whores to pick up their groceries. Dirty sluts causing all kinds of trouble suggesting that a female should be allowed to drive a car. They need a good whipping or stoning by one of allah's devotee's.

Gina understands and condones this. Who are we to interfere with the barabaric enshrined traditions of islam?